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Studio Series USB-C Interfaces are here!

Wherever songs are made, Studio Series USB-C Audio Interfaces are there. All Studio Series USB-C™-compatible Audio Interfaces ship with Studio One Artist—a $99 USD value, so you can hit the ground running and be making music straight out of the box.

No matter how complex your project or vision, there’s a Studio Series USB-C™-compatible Interface that’s the right tool for the job.

Learn more about the Studio Series USB-C™-compatible Audio Interfaces here.


  • Tommy O

    Yes Yes Yes I would rock a Pair of Presonus socks all day especially if they where of the highest Quality cotton blends for Long Lasting Comfort & Industrial Strength 🙂

  • SiJay Hutchins

    or socks…wait thats Softube…. my bad but yes hook my guy up @Presonus

  • Tommy O

    I so Need one don’t care what one just one not two just one My old studio box came with the headphone crackle pre installed and it has been annoying me for years but I managed to survive I guess I still Support PreSonus products anyway and welcome any endorsement deal you want to throw my way a new audio box would be sufficient Hint Hint ..i’m currently running the new studio one with the Atom control pad and it’s amazing the price is also a bonus I have a small home studio don’t need anything big I do have and highly recommend the Eris E-5 Monitors and the Tumblor T-8 sub for monitoring I love them .
    no complaints. The neighbors have had words with me when I get a little carried away though any ways keep up the good work Team PreSonus and dont forget that new audio box I would Like LOL Hey I was even the first in line posting anything that alone should be worth atleast a T-shirt 🙂