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Notion 6.5 Release Notes

Notion 6.5 is here! Launch Notion and you’ll be notified of the update. Click “install now” to get it! Release notes follow.


Notion 6.5 Release Notes


Studio One Integration

  • Drum tracks can now be transferred from Studio One and are automatically translated into standard drum set notation:

If you’re using Drum Patterns in Studio One, be sure to convert to a track before sending to Notion


  • Chords imported from Studio One’s chord track, now playback if slash notation is present
  • Chords imported from Studio One can now all be selected in one go with Select Special>Select Chord Symbols
  • Accidentals in imported chords from Studio One’s chord track now display correctly


MusicXML updates
MusicXML is a file format that you can use to import and export scores to and from other notation applications. Notion 6.5 has a number of updates to the support of MusicXML – not just on new articulations and symbols, but also major improvements in guitar tablature and with voices.

  • Tablature export and import reworked
  • Support for .musicxml file extension
  • Better handling of any missing slur end elements on import, to avoid very long slurs occurring
  • Voices on grand staff re-worked
  • When importing with time signatures that have a high numeral (e.g. 11/4), whole measure rests now show in empty measures
  • New elements imported:
    • sf, sfp, fp, sfz and fz
    • Beaming
    • Measured tremolos that include tuplets
    • Very short duration notes (down to 1024th notes)
    • Fermatas
    • Harmonic circle symbol / Open circle symbol
    • Snap (Bartok) pizzicato
    • Scoop, doit and fall-offt
  • New elements exported:
    • Clef changes
    • Pizz and arco
    • Pre-bends
    • sf, sfp, fp, sfz and fz
    • Mutes
    • Measured tremolos
    • Noteheads
    • Fermatas
    • Harmonic circle symbol / Open circle symbol
    • Snap (Bartok) pizzicato
    • Scoop, doit and fall-off


  • Entry behaviour changed: e.g. for a fingered tremolo with quarter duration, now insert two eighths before applying the tremolo.

Write this

Select the tremolo and click on the note

Notion displays this




  • Tremolo can now be clicked onto the first note or in between notes
  • Stems now can go in either direction in a voice 2 tremolo

  • Fingered tremolos that include chords now play back

  • Fingered tremolos with 3-beams now play back, even if there is no sample present
  • Bug fixed for the second note of a fingered tremolo changing duration if tremolo clicked onto second note (now does nothing)
  • Bug fixed for a third note being added to an existing tremolo, if a tremolo is clicked onto the second note (now does nothing)

Slash notation

  • Bass note of chords now supported in playback
  • Augmentation dot has more spacing when using Jazz Font

  • Slashes now also play back from chords imported from Studio One


  • [Win] User preset techniques can now be inserted with the mouse when there are multiple techniques to choose from
    Solo/a2/a3/tutti expressions added to Rules Editor
  • Erroneous note-offs now not sent when ‘automatic note-offs’ is in a rule


  • [Win] Ctrl+click now works like right click so context menu can be accessed even in the absence of a mouse (if for example using a Windows tablet and attached keyboard)
  • [Win] Fix events not being able to be unselected on touchscreen
  • [Win] If palette is hidden, then right click no longer cancels selection
  • [Win] If palette is hidden, then right clicking on a note no longer auditions the note

General Fixes

  • Superfluous ‘File>Page Setup’ dialog removed – page sizes changed via Score>Full Score Options, or Score>Parts Options
  • Pasting into a different voice now does not remove any existing rest at the beginning of the destination measure
  • Default video framerate changed to 24fps so that the toolbar time display matches the score (framerate can be changed from the ‘Attach Video’ dialog)
  • [Win] Notion’s Studio One launcher now also looks for Studio One 4
  • Updated Studio One image in the ‘Send to Studio One’ dialog
  • Fix for text getting cut off in Instrument Settings in German language only
  • [macOS] Fix for Progression files (.prog) opening with Notion 6
  • User Guide and Shortcuts pdf updated with Jazz articulation shortcuts
  • [Win] Fix occasional issue in some Print/Print to PDF/Save scenarios
  • [Mac] Issue fixed if an instrument is double clicked in the ‘Change Instrument’ dialog
  • Vyse Legendaire

    To the contrary, I wasn’t trying to say that your concerns were wrong, or that Notion should not work like you asked, just that its still possible to use Notion in various ways, primarily for notation and its ease of use in scoring.

    I don’t use Notion as a DAW replacement, since I really don’t use DAW at all. For me Notion is a composition tool first and foremost, and making it create sounds is secondary, but still doable.

    I think its a bit much to say ‘entire purpose’ here. I mean I agree that it would be good if Notion did what you’re aksing, but personally I find that to be almost impossible. Notion team has done a lot to integrate Presonus into Notion, but to ask Notion basically be a DAW in score form is almost too much to ask.

    My experience has been that all plugins act differently with Notion, its officially release sounds are basically the only ones that act properly in accordance with its rules. There are workarounds like I said and also you can use DAW etc. to patch together the sound you’re looking for. Since audio recording is so complicated these days, I think its clear that the only way to get a scoring program to play out just like you what would be to hire the players to play it back.

    For me the ‘entire purpose’ of notion was easily scoring out music without dealing with the insane level of user unfriendliness of Sibelius et al. You can take what was done in Notion and perform it in real life too or share the scores.

  • Shane Bryne

    What you describe is to essentially not use Notion the way it’s designed and to use it as a mediocre DAW instead. The *entire purpose* of using Notion and what sets it apart as a product is that with rules you can just write music in notation and don’t have to mess with adding in keyswitches or using extra tracks for each articulation, etc. So first, if I have to use a second staff and manually add in extra notes there to change my articulations, I literally may as well be using a DAW because that’s exactly the same thing you do in a DAW and that’s the hassle that I bought Notion to avoid. It’s what makes Notion so great: if I put in a slur or a stacatto, I don’t have to go back and mess with manually changing the instrument patch myself and Notion does it for me.

    If Notion *can’t* do it for me, or messes up when doing so in a way that means I can’t control something like dynamic when using stacattos or slurs, then Notion has no purpose. Using a second staff for all my instruments? That’s what I did in DAWs before I got Notion.

    Second, there is no problem with keyswitches. When keyswitching is an option Notion works very well. It’s when a library doesn’t let you use keyswitches that you run into problems, because when you need to do things like channel changes that’s when Notion starts to get a bit unreliable in it’s handling.

  • Vyse Legendaire

    Nothing is as time consuming as using a DAW though. I’m not entirely sure what your problem eve n is though. I don’t use a MIDI controller at all to use this program, just a combination of scoring and manipulating Kontakt via double-staff whereby the 2nd staff will give directions via keyswitches to the first, to give human articulations to various samples. You can record multiple instances of an instrument if you really need to have them with very different expressions. Overall Notion is still the most usable composition app for me.

  • Stickit and lickit

    A heads up display for what note and octave you are inserting. (insert..oh you should learn how to read music comment ) no.. Its in sibelius and is invaluable for transposed instruments.

  • Thomas Delincé

    “Drum tracks can now be transferred from Studio One and are automatically translated into standard drum set notation:”

    Well… finaly… this has been in the top feature requests since i posted it about 3 years ago. Better late than never i guess?

  • Ray Lindsey

    What boggles my mind about Notion is that you cannot even record piano sustain pedal. You can record it into a sequencer stave but it disappears when you convert to notation. This has been a feature request for years.

  • Kathy Hurrell

    An autosave would be fantastic. I get the occasional crash of Notion, quite often when I’m looking for some assistance in the help section(!) and always when I’ve done a significant amount of work on a new score and then… well, there’s nothing is there? I guess I’ll just have to develop my habit to save every five minutes or so manually!

  • Shane Bryne

    The most pressing fix seems to me to be what it has been for years: controller data doesn’t go to the correct channel when a rule has changed the channel. This was partially fixed in one of the version 6 builds, but it only works for techniques. If the channel was changed by an articulation or a slur it is still broken.

    This makes Notion nearly unusable for playback because hairpins don’t work in these circumstances without implementing a workaround which is almost as time consuming as just using a DAW. I know I’d upgrade in an instant if this were fixed, but have no incentive to do it until then.