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Limited-time Crossgrade Discount for Studio One

What’s a Crossgrade, you ask? It’s a way for users who have already invested in another DAW to switch to Studio One for less money!  And even better: until March 31 2018, we’re lowering the existing crossgrade price by 33%! This brings the price down from $299 to $199 USD; regional discounts will vary by a small amount.

To get the Crossgrade, all you need to do is find a local dealer, online dealer, or contact PreSonus directly with a copy of the UPC code or original purchase receipt for the other DAW in an email to

Qualifying DAWs include:

  • Cubase 5 or higher
  • Pro Tools 9 or higher
  • Nuendo 5 or higher
  • Logic 9, X
  • Sonar X2 or higher
  • Live 8 or higher
  • Digital Performer 7 or higher
  • Acid Pro 6 or higher
  • Reason 6 or higher
  • Reaper 4 or higher
  • Samplitude 9 or higher
  • Mixcraft Pro 6 or higher
  • FL Studio 11 or higher
  • Notion 5
  • Bitwig Studio
  • Tracktion T7 or higher
  • Notion 6. (Please Click HERE to crossgrade from Notion 6)

Hurry, this offer ends March 31, 2018!

  • lawrencejlelievre I do not agree

  • Sorry Lawrence, this crossgrade offer ended in March.

  • Lawrence J Lelievre

    Why , when I went to put in my discount in to buy , the has gone up from 299 to 410 or. Something not adding up

  • Lawrence J Lelievre

    Why is the price 525 cad from 299usd

  • NotSkeeredAtAll

    If only Presonus had a loyalty deal/upgrade. Not a single offer ever ends up in my account of real value to me. Yet, for 150 gitas, I was offered a full version of Samplitude X3, a full version of Soundforge, a robust version of Melodyne, and a full compliment of the iZotope mastering/repair suite, and MORE when MAGIX became aware that my SONAR DAW was no longer supported. What I heard from Presonus? An upgrade that cost more for an existing customer than a new customer. Guess which one I purchased, PreSonus? I like S1 immensely but it has became a secondary DAW to Samplitude, all by accident. If PreSonus had been more considerate, I would probably never have even opened the offer from MAGIX.

  • If you purchased via digital download, it’s likely you were e-mailed confirmation of purchase, which would qualify for the purposes of the crossgrade. Just search your e-mail inbox for mentions of your DAW and forward the e-mail to and we’ll take care of you. Cheers!

  • Donny Thompson

    I have no idea where my original email invoice would be from when I DL’d my current DAW three years ago. (Does anyone keep that kind of documentation around for that long?) I have no UPC code as I purchased it as a digital DL. If you really want to expand your customer base, 6Why not just offer the latest version of S1 ($199) to anyone who wants to buy it, and at the same time, take care of your current LOYAL customers with even better prices for upgrades? Make it a limited time offer, my bet is you would gain many new customers, especially since the recent news that Gibson is shutting the lights off on Sonar…

  • Mike Warren

    That’s the Artist version. This post is about the Professional version.

  • David Garrett
  • Interesting cool offer..though it might be not for me 🙂

  • Marek Górniak

    I am a Dj.
    I tried many cheaper programs to cut my music files or to make some mixes.
    Everytime I lost high quality and dynamic.
    I have very good audiofil Octave Preamp + Hegel30 DAC + Player – Naim HDX (all ca. 30000 Euro) – so it is possible to listen the degradation of the quality.
    My question: Is the “Studio One” better ?
    Is it worth to buy it to make music mixes ?
    Regards, Mark

  • Neale Hanvey

    No price showing for UK cross grade. Can you advise please?

  • clincoln777

    WOW! You kinda flippin your loyal customers the bird, by bypassing us without so much as a thought. I do need to upgrade but not seeing any motivation to stay with Studio One. Maybe the competition has a crossgrade offer too!

  • WhoDoneIt??

    How about already Loyal PreSonus customers with an older Version of Studio One?

  • Jason Hader

    Psyched for this. Hopefully, I have the documentation you’re looking for. I’ve got two of the crossgrade DAWs (Acid Pro 6 and Reason 9).