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CTC-1 Pro Console Shaper for Studio One—30% off!30off_ctc1_300x300_01_nee

The CTC-1 Pro Console Shaper is the second plug-in developed for the Mix Engine FX interface in Studio One and the next evolution of plug-ins from the included Console Shaper. CTC-1 brings analog console modeling to Studio One with three great-sounding console models and several major enhancements to the Mix Engine FX environment. Add crosstalk, tube warmth, and even noise to emulate consoles of yesteryear!

Utilizing state-of-the-art State Space Modeling technology, CTC-1 captures the character and personality of legendary analog consoles that are otherwise out of reach for most musicians, producers and engineers. Going far beyond virtual channel strips and mastering plug-ins, CTC-1 is capable of changing the way how people mix inside a DAW.

Mix Engine FX are capable of processing every channel of the mixer separately with just a single plug-in instance. When added to a bus channel or the main output channel, every signal routed into that channel is processed independently at the source, allowing the plug-in to transform the sound of an entire mix while still maintaining the nuances and dynamics of every individual channel. Although being suited for many different applications, Mix Engine FX are tailored for analog console emulation. The original Console Shaper and this new CTC-1 both belong in this category.

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Jazz Bundle for Notion30off_jazzbundle_300x300_01_nee

Give your instrument library a kick with the Jazz Bundle for Notion. For a whopping 30% off, you get:

  • Woodwinds: Soprano, Tenor, Alto, Baritone Saxophones and B-flat Clarinet.
  • Brass Mutes: Straight, Harmon, Cup, Bucket, Solo-Tone, and Plunger.
  • Brass: Trumpet 1, Trumpet 2, Tenor Trombone, and Bass Trombone.

All of the above were performed by top jazz musicians from all across the globe and include jazz articulations such as falls, shakes and scoops.

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