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Channel Strip Collection and Acoustic Bundle Discounts in the PreSonus Shop for September 2017!

30_off_acoustic_bundle_600x600_nee01We’re offering a couple deals this month right out of the PreSonus shop!

Here’s the first one: 30% off the Acoustic Bundle for Notion!

If you’re looking to add some acoustic instruments to your mix, this bundle has you covered... You get four instruments with this bundle which include banjo, mandolin, acoustic fingerstyle guitar and the ukulele samples recorded by Brad Newell, Neil Zaza, and David Doucet. Also included are additional samples for open strings, hammer-ons, pull-offs, slides, and left-hand and right-hand fingering control. This bundle plays nice with Notion 5.1 or later and Progression 3 or later.

Click here to Purchase the Bundle!



You want seconds? Here you go:  30% the Channel Strip Collection!

30off_channelstrip_600x600_01_neeThe PreSonus Channel Strip Collection for Studio One Artist and Professional provides a unique way to add tasteful depth and color to your tracks and mixes without leaving the box. Included in the collection are the RC500 and VT1 modeled channel strip plug-ins. RC500 is modeled after the PreSonus RC500 FET Channel Strip. VT1 is a modeled on a high-end tube channel strip. In addition, the free standalone VU Meter plug-in is made from the same components used in the Channel Strip Collection.


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