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Studio One 3.5 – What’s New and Release Notes

Studio One 3.5 is here! This is a free update for owners of Studio One 3.x. Click “Check for updates” in Studio One’s start page to get it!

Full release notes follow. For a less-technical overview, check out the video below or visit our What’s New page here.

IMPORTANT: This version introduces an updated file format for Songs and Projects for faster
Save / Auto-Save. Files created in 3.5 will no longer open in previous versions of Studio One.
Make sure to work from copies of your existing songs created in Studio One 3.3.4 or older if
you like to continue working with a previous version as well.


New features and improvements:

Audio Engine and Performance
Flexible Dropout Protection
• Native Low Latency Monitoring
• Low-latency virtual instrument monitoring
• Multi-processing enhancements for improved CPU balancing

Arrangement and Automation
New shortcut to “Select all Muted Events”
• Copy/Paste Events also copies Layer data
• Import tempo map, time signatures and markers when dragging MIDI file to
Arrangement [Cmd+Alt]
• Maximum Track Delay increased to 1,000ms
• New Track command: “Apply Track Names to Channels”
• “Cursor follows Edit Position” now limited to manually selected events or
• Batch renaming events always adds leading zero
• Event Inspector: Multi-editing for Event Start and End
• Arranger Track: Move Arranger Section only [Cmd+Alt]
• “Bounce to new Track” now preserves output routing
• Complete Show/Hide for Automation
• Automation Lanes on Instrument Track
• Improved time-stretching accuracy. “Audio Bend” mode now obsolete.

Mixer (Console)
• Mixer Undo
• Remote control of StudioLive Series III Fat Channel and mic pre-amps
• New command: “Remove Track Automation” removes all automation data
• Visual plug-in bypass state in console

Instruments and Plug-ins
Fat Channel XT
• Adjustable level range for Spectrum Meter (all modes)
• Updated micro-views for Spectrum Meter
• 12th octave mode in Spectrum Meter (incl. keyboard scale)
• Loudness Meter now EBU R-128 compliant
• [macOS] MIDI input for AU plug-ins
• Event FX window follows Event selection
• [macOS] Preset list support for AU instruments/plug-ins
• FX Routing: Splitter can now be moved freely

Music Editor
Unlimited number of controller lanes
• Option to “Resize adjacent Events” (multiple overlapping) [Alt]

Score Editing with Notion
• Send audio or note data to existing song
• Tempo map import (drag & drop)
• Other improvements within Notion (ReWire handling, Studio One application
launcher, and more)

Project Page
• Independent Track Markers
• Flexible Loudness Detection options
• New Loudness Meter
• New Spectrum Meter
• DDP import
• Improved meta-data editing
• Pool in Project Page
• New Bounce Track option
• Dynamic search for Songs in Project (improved compatibility)
• Faster rendering (if a Song is used multiple times)
• New command “Bounce Track” (includes Track inserts, not Master FX)
• Extended “Add to Project” menu
• Improved ID-tag export (adding Composer and ISRC)
• User interface improvements
• New “Split Track” and “Split at Cursor” commands + shortcuts

• New “Construction Kits” node in Loop Browser
• Search fields in Browser and Mixer reset on close

Hardware and Multitouch
• Dual-screen support (Raven MTi)
• Higher MIDI update rate for control surfaces

• Delete unsaved files and folders when closing new song w/o saving
• Warnings shown when errors occur while exporting mix in real-time
• Updated FLAC codec (better performance)
• Improved save and auto-save performance for Songs and Projects
• [macOS] Independent recording and playback devices
• Extended Bounce and Export options
• Support for 176.4 kHz sample rate in audio export
• [Developers] Gain Reduction API for VST2

The following issues have been fixed:

• “Invert Selection” didn’t restrict range when Scratch Pads exist
• Arranger Track section copy doesn’t work backwards on timeline
• Pre-recorded notes overlapping loop start are doubled after loop recording
• Fade handles are hard to reach when event volume is not at max.
• Overlapping audio events with fade-in are out of sync
• Crash when recording MIDI in loop
• Play Start Marker affects bounce between markers
• No “Paste” in context menu for Tempo Track
• [ARA] Events show wrong content when split after analysis with Melodyne 4.1
• Crash with NI Komplete Audio 6 when changing sample rate
• Audio time-stretch with bend markers is not exact
• Chorder: Crash when transposing out of range with automation
• Install from “Cloud” inside Studio One 3.3 hangs
• Plug-in menu search box loses focus
• Command for “Show in Finder/Explorer” not working for Macros
• Can’t drag more than one Instrument from Browser
• [macOS] Newly created folders not visible in Browser
• “Copy external files” not working for multiple opened songs
• [macOS] Studio One language changes after re-install
• Crash while closing all songs
• Musicloop exports without audio when routed to outputs other than Main
• Wrong-placed note events in loop recording
• Sustain pedal with latency writes wrong data
• Global plug-in bypass not functional if any plug-in in Chain is disabled
• Spectrum Meter curve has offset depending on FFT size
• Channel buttons missing on Multi-Instrument channels
• [macOS] AU Instruments saved in OFF status load back empty
• [macOS] Kontakt AU not showing all available outputs
• Global deactivate FX not working with disabled tracks
• Inconsistent behavior when chasing long notes
• [Impact] Wrong channel order when moving sub outs in mixer
• Wrong channel order after transform to audio and back
• Wrong channel order between folders and busses
• Wrong channel order when dragging instrument to track
• Studio One will not export note data to Notion if the file has an apostrophe in the name
• [macOS] Crash on start with OSX 10.11 El Capitan
• [macOS] AU presets always marked as edited
• |macOS] Invisible scroll bars in help window
• Offset when dragging audio file with bend-markers to Instrument Track
• Notes are transposed one octave when dragging to new Instrument Track via

  • Fabrice Monlouis

    why the piano role view switches back a wide view when i go back and forth between midi clips…. i have to re-adjust the size of the keys every single time this is really annoying… how do i disable it??

  • Ryan Roullard

    Hey Ciryus, sorry to hear this – our tech support team can help, please submit a ticket to them via your account. Thanks!

  • Ciryus Ed Alphaprimate

    i was working on my song yesterday and it was still on the last update. i updates yesterday and now i can’t open my song file because it says it didn’t save in new version .. how do i get y song to save in a new version if cant open it.

  • Hmm. Would you mind checking in with this question over at PreSonus Answers? Thanks!

  • Ken Foote

    Hi! What has happened to the automatic 2 second spacing for tracks in the updated Project Page?

  • Sorry to hear that Stuart—unfortunately that’s really hard for me to troubleshoot. My first recommendation would be to try a different browser. If that doesn’t help, submit a support ticket at and our tech team will help you out. Cheers!

  • Stuart Dechan

    Hi Guys,
    I’m struggling to download all the sound sets that come with the S1 3, the installer and some of the downloads have come with it, but the rest just download until just the end and crash!! really frustrating, internet is connectin is fine..been trying now for 4 days an really need some advice.


  • kiranphalke

    I see nothing in my micros toolbar when opened

  • Rosti Voznyuk


  • Javier Montero Oronoz

    Expectacular actualización por parte de PreSonus… se nota que han estado trabajando a fondo en esta nueva versión, muy contento con las nuevas características que lo hacen mas profesional aún, y con la fluidez y la velocidad para guardar proyectos, hay algún fallo con el midi, pero como en toda actualización grande, siempre salen pequeños fallos que se corrigen pronto… Gracias por este “nuevo” Daw. Thank You PreSonus.

  • Hey William, sorry to read this. Please submit a ticket at with more info and we can help!

  • Wayne Morgan

    hi william im wayne im having the same problems as you with my midi the way i got round it is instead of choosing a new instrument slot to record in pick the instrument you want then drag it to an empty line under anythimg else youve recorded and it appears ready to use i hope that helps

  • Bailey Redinsomniacs

    Whenever I try to download it, it keeps failing

  • William Swarner

    same very irritating i though my midi controller was broken at 1st as i started my day on ver 3.4 rolled to 3.5 and now im finding issue after issue, and this is the 1st time im going to say this with an update I hate what this did to my daw its less stable cpu wise now than 3.4 and my vst’s just act weird now also midi data doesnt illicit the desired results anymore as it just does whatever it pleases and ignores the user inputs for instruments,I am not sure if its a midi data issue or and issue with the vst compatibility that i paid an extra hundred bucks to add (comes free in almost all daws even non major ones)but felt back at the time of purchase it was worth it as this daw was superior (even without your new features) in all the ways i needed it to be, now not so much as for me my 3 favotite features were just hit, stabilty (worse than ver 3.4) VST’s not holding settings (preset created or loaded from presets) when midi data is put into that track, and that ability to manipulate midi data and create something new (this is vital to a daw guys needs fixed)PLEASE 🙂

  • William Swarner

    I am having a similar issue except when using midi either instrument (vst) setting change always back to preset #1 or the track even goes silent giving no playback, when saving after making instrument changes the daw still reverts the instruments back to initial settings when using midi, and a lot of my projects right now REALLY require midi for part of the piece

  • Sorry Wayne! Please submit a ticket via and we will help.

  • Please submit a support ticket via and we will help!

  • Wayne Morgan

    hello after the recent 3.5 update my midi doesnt work i can record an instrument and i can see the notes on screen but no sound any ideas????

  • Odd. Please sign in at and submit a ticket from there. Thanks!

  • Achal Yadav

    Clicking on your link takes me to a page where it says oops the page you are looking for does not exist.

  • Please tell us more via a support ticket and we can help!

  • Sorry about the hassle. Glad it’s working well for you now!

  • Thanks Chris!

  • Hmm… Need a little more info to help. Please submit a support ticket over here:

  • Hmm… Need a little more info to help. Please submit a support ticket here:

  • What error message are you receiving? Please submit a support ticket here:

  • Achal, I’m sorry to hear this. Please submit a support ticket at the following link, we would like to help!

  • Achal Yadav

    I was working with a video prior to the update. Now after the 3.5 update there is no video, just a black screen. Also the video does not move with the rest of the track.

    I have tried deleting the video and loading again but it doesn’t seem to work. Have a deadline in 2 days 🙁

  • Brandon Jones

    Updated to 3.5 and now I can’t save any new projects… help please

  • Darryl Beaton

    My FP8 isn’t working in SO3.5 but is working in Logic. Any ideas why?

  • Primal Cashew

    after the update, studio one is completely muted. Help!

  • Chris Casey

    I had to edit my External Devices and update the Receive From and Send To settings. Since then, no issues for me.

  • Chris Casey

    This update has really revived my DAW rig. My rig is old and I’ve been having to record with a 1024 block size on my 44VXL to avoid drop-outs. The issues I’ve had with drop-outs and my system bogging down are gone, regardless of whether I use low latency monitoring or not. Thanks Presonus! I can begin enjoying creating music again!

  • Ok I figured out my midi problems…I had to re initialize the midi instruments and FX and manual re connect everything…now it works as expected…a bit of a pain in the ass, but VERY happy with this Update…

  • Lorkaxx BeaTs

    i have problem with my graphic card R7 M260 – amd processor

  • Al Ramirez

    also my midi device didn’t connect until the fourth try…weird
    hope it connects from now on.
    PRESONUS please stop adding features an concentrate on the engines
    every time you add something you break something…enough is enough i spend
    more time dealing with the program than making music

  • Roque Luis Figliuolo


  • Well I spoke to soon,know my midi device won’t connect….:-(
    Re Boot, re connect…nothing..
    Can we roll back to previous version?

  • Nice update 🙂
    Thanks !!!