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Get a Studio 192 Mobile, add the Artist Power Pack Software Bundle for FREE


The lauded Studio 192 Mobile, like all of our interfaces, ships with the award-winning Studio One Artist. But for a limited time, we’re throwing in around $210 USD worth of extras to sweeten the deal. Why? Because we’re nice. Hurry, this offer ends April 30!

The Artist Power Pack includes the following software, all compatible with the included Studio One Artist:

  • Third-Party VST/UA/ReWire support: tap into the vast library of third-party effects and instruments available all over the web
  • MP3 Converter: Export your tracks to portable, great-sounding MP3s to share with friends, family, and clients
  • Channel Strip Collection: Add some unique character to your mixes with these two channel strips modeled from top-of-the-line hardware
  • Studio One Remote Support: Control Studio One from your iPad! Great for solo drummers—no need to run back and forth to the control room every time you miss a hi-hat.

The Studio 192 Mobile offers all the processing power of its bigger brother, the Studio 192. Record in Sterling 192 kHz quality on the go—its small footprint makes it easy to record everywhere, from dorm rooms to garages.

This offer is available worldwide.

  • Yes, register your Studio 192 Mobile at and you will receive a download link for the Artist Power Pack.

  • Giovanni Cugno

    How it works the offer? I can buy it in any internet store and then download software from presonus site?

  • Sorry for the late response. If you register the FireStudio Mobile at you can download the latest version of Studio One. Cheers!

  • FAS

    I buy fire studio mobile but the cd that I have found inside the included SW packaging is an old version of studio one artist. Might I have the new version with my registration for free or not?
    Thanks for a your answer.


  • Proximo

    Come whit Studio one 3 ?

  • Bombshelboy

    the range of usage recommended by Presonus: from dorm rooms to garages