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Save on the DP88 – Expand your I/O!


Need some more inputs in your studio? Check out the DP88, which is currently enjoying a reduced price. The exact amount will vary by location, but customers in the US will receive $100 off at the register.

The DigiMax DP88 is the latest innovation in the DigiMax line, offering digitally controlled analog preamps, unparalleled connectivity, flexibility, and professional sound quality to make it a perfect fit in any studio environment.

The DigiMax DP88 is equipped with audiophile-grade, Burr-Brown processors to deliver top-quality digital conversion up to 96 kHz. These converters provide 118 dB of dynamic range and are backed by a boast-worthy clock with sub-50 picosecond jitter to capture complex musical harmonics smoothly and naturally. You’ll hear every breath, transient, and detail of a performance in your recordings.




  • Check the “Compatibility” section of the DP88 product page to learn all about what the DP88 plays well with. 🙂

  • Laurent Lesage

    I wonder if this gear is fully compatible with other systems, like Apollo Quad, from UAD ?…

  • Dns Arriaza

    When you say other interfaces does that mean I can add this through dat to my Saffire pro 40?

  • James Cassidy

    Im wondering if the latency issues that the 192 have been fully worked out? it was talked about in sound on sounds review! also what are the latency and stability like compared to the scarlett 2nd gens usb 2 interfaces at the same sample rates? Im trying to find a reason thats worth paying almost 600 more dollars for the same amount of preamps and I/O!

  • Nope! The DP88 will let you add more inputs via ADAT or DB25 connections. It plays best with the Studio 192, but it plays well with other interfaces, too.

  • Vitale Justice

    I am assuming I need the studio 192 first