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Crossgrade to Studio One 3 Professional for $199 USD.

November 2016 only: Crossgrade to Studio One 3 Professional for less!so3pro_crossgrade_600x600_10-10-16_nee01

What’s a Crossgrade, you ask? Just show us proof of ownership of a qualifying DAW and we’ll cut a big chunk of the price off of Studio One 3 Professional. If you own a DAW from the qualifying list below, you’re entitled to the discount.

All you need to do is find a local dealer, online dealer, or contact PreSonus with a copy of the UPC code or original purchase receipt for the other DAW in an email to



Upon approval, you will be issued a coupon code, which you can then use to purchase Studio One Professional for the limited-time Crossgrade price of $199 USD—down $100 from the typical $299 price, and even $50 cheaper than the last time we ran a crossgrade discount. Kindly allow up to 24 hours for the coupon code to be issued Monday through Friday. If requested on a weekend, the request will be handled the following Monday.

Qualifying DAWs include:

  • Cubase 5 or higher
  • Pro Tools 9 or higher
  • Nuendo 5 or higher
  • Logic 9, X
  • Sonar X2 or higher
  • Live 8 or higher
  • Digital Performer 7 or higher
  • Acid Pro 6 or higher
  • Reason 6 or higher
  • Reaper 4 or higher
  • Samplitude 9 or higher
  • Mixcraft Pro 6 or higher
  • FL Studio 11 or higher
  • Notion 5 or higher
  • Bitwig Studio

What are you waiting for? Christmas? By then this will all be over!

Of course, I can’t forget this bonus: for those of you considering making the switch from Pro Tools, here’s a set of ELEVEN videos from Russ Hughes at Studio One Expert covering the best ways to make the transition from Pro Tools to Studio One.



  • Riana Mayasari

    Hi, I’m pretty interested to crossgrade from pro tools 10 to studio one 3, but I purchased pro tools online, and as I remember, I didn’t get the receipt but just activation code for my iLok. Hmm.. Can I get a discounted price too then? And can I still use my Pro Tools if I crossgrade?

  • jay

    all you guys do is cry cry cry,god damn…stay with the other daw companies and keep getting f***** presonus is a killer daw worth more than what they’re charging now.

  • jay

    helps to read more huh?

  • jay

    maybe you shouldve waitied then,you think?

  • Hey Scaper, no stress. If you got the e-mail in before the deadline, we’ll honor the price. Response to this promo has been bigger than we expected, and we were closed for the Thanksgiving weekend… so we’re playing catch up. We’ll get to you! 🙂

  • Scaper

    I am trying to process a crossgrade offer. I submitted my info about my current Cubase software registration and purchase receipt to ‘’ 4 or 5 days ago but haven’t received a reply. I’m now concerned that the offer expires tomorrow. Can anyone suggest who I can contact … or what i should do? … I’m ready to do this but feeling a bit stuck with time running out. Thanks.

  • mupetmower

    thats great!!.. right after i literally just bought the upgrade from artist to pro off of amazon for like $250.. now its on here for $150.

    I appreciate that you guys did a sale, i really do. but unfortunately, it doesn’t help me at all, now. good bye extra $100.

  • On the flipside however, this looks like a really killer deal on the music side of things! Tempting…

  • Tim

    I am in the United Kingdom and use Pro Tools 9. I am keen to try Studio One 3 Professional for $199 (preferably the physical drive rather than download).

    However, I cannot find anywhere I can do this. The support email sends me back to the support site and I see no references on any UK distributor about the crossgrade offer.

    Please can someone help?

  • And no support for OMF and AAF it seems. Total dealbreaker for me unfortunately 🙁

  • No 5.1 support as far as I know.

  • Dov Waterman

    The deed is done!

  • Hi guys!

    I would like to find out if Studio One 3 Professional is suitable for dedicated post-production work? I record voiceovers and mix TV shows, documentaries, promos etc which involves lots of editing, importing fx etc. Mostly in stereo with the occasional 5.1 project. I am interested to know if it can match up to the speed and efficiency of Pro Tools for this specific purpose? I am sure it is fantastic for music production, which seems to be the main focus of most DAW’s. Does it support importing OMF’s (and AAF) and playback of full-screen Quicktime video without dropping frames and keeping in sync with audio?

    Thanks for your time. Hope to hear from you soon!

  • thedommer2000

    I noticed that this deal is actually slightly worse than the Black Friday deal… a few bucks but still. EDIT: I was wrong, its the other way around. you save like a dollar doing the crossgrade over black Friday.

  • thedommer2000

    Not sire if you noticed but the Black Friday deal ends up being a better deal than the crossgrade. only by a few bucks though. EDIT. I was wrong. You save a dollar going crossgrade over Black Friday.

  • Dov Waterman

    Thanks for the support! I actually did it using an ableton Live receipt. All sorted now in terms of purchase. I do have another issue now with midi and a Komplete Kontrol keyboard. Not sure if this is the right thread though.

  • Hey Geoff, here’s a video on FX Chains in Studio One. Let me know if if this answers your questions. 🙂

  • Contact us at and we’ll find a way to work it out. 🙂

  • Dov Waterman

    Trying to find a proof of purchase for Logic x, and all I can find is the menu in my app store purchases, saying I purchased logic x at a certain date. Would that be enough for proof? I don’t seem to have a billing email from apple for this.

  • onur dogan

    I tried to upgrade studio one artist to studio one pro.I choosed black friday item.But still price is 299 USD.I would be happy, if you can explain what is the problem.

  • Geoff Duncan

    Hi friends – I’m considering making the switch from Logic Pro X – I keep encountering a few annoying issues with LPX and several friends have recommended I check out S1.

    And of course with this crossgrade sale it could be perfect timing.

    My main question is : Can someone let me know if it can store entire Instrument+Plugin chains, that would be great. I use a lot of full-channel presets that I build, for sounds I use frequently.

    I’ve had a look at the demo and I could see how to store FX Chains, and also how to store instrument presets, but unless I missed something it doesn’t seem to have a system to store the instrument AND the FX chain as a channel strip….I’m hoping I’m just an idiot and missed something obvious!

    (If it doesn’t have this feature, it would probably be a dealbreaker for me in terms of how fast I need to work in sessions, so as I say I’m hoping it’s just something I’ve missed. Thanks!)

  • @disqus_Zv6zLVgYWO:disqus @roberto_jensen:disqus @WireBoy:disqus @mupetmower:disqus

    Well, we just announced 50% off of Studio One, including upgrades, for Black Friday! Hope that helps. 😀

  • Roberto Jensen

    I would like to see presonus try to make you daw bigger by getting new costumers is good but look after the costumers you already have is important because they are the one who promote studio one with social media and friends so make a nice offer for the artist user there is a reason why we have he artist level

  • mupetmower

    I completely agree. I was told that sometimes they apparently also offer the upgrade from Artist 3 to Pro 3 at then same price as the “crossgrade” is now($199), but as a current Presonus customer, i think we should get a better price than those wanting to “crossgrade”. We are already customers, so why should be have to pay more, or even the same..??

  • If you take advantage of the crossgrade offer from Logic Pro X, you will be crossgraded to Studio One 3 Professional, which will allow you to use third-party plugins.

  • julia

    I agree I want to switch from Logic Pro X to Studio one but would need to upgrade to use my third party plugins. Upgrade should be offered at a lower price.

  • WireBoy

    I second the recommendation to offer a better deal for Studio One Artist owners to upgrade.

  • onur dogan

    It is a good idea.But as a Studio one artist user we expect the same for us too.Becasue Studio one artist is not enough especially for mastering.I m happy with studio one.So i don’t want to change with another Daws.We are in this family and we need a favor from Presonus.