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Important Software Update for AudioBox Interfaces

uc_surface_600x600The Universal Control 1.8 update is now available and is strongly recommended for all AudioBox interfaces. The new update adds:

  • AudioBox Series interface support, including new Windows driver and firmware updates for AudioBox VSL and i-Series
  • A standalone uninstaller script for Mac that uninstalls classic Universal Control, Universal Control-AI, and AudioBox VSL software and drivers
  • An installer package that cleans up removes installs more efficiently on Mac and Windows
  • A Read Me in the Mac OS X installer
  • Improved buffer and Safe Mode management for AudioBox interfaces
  • Improved firmware update stability for AudioBox 1818VSL with Mac OS X

Universal Control 1.8 also is recommended for PreSonus Studio 192 and 192 Mobile interfaces and StudioLive AI and StudioLive RM mixers. It adds:

  • Completely resizable UC Surface window
  • A new name! Universal Control AI 1.6 is now Universal Control 1.8.

Owners of StudioLive Classic mixers and FireStudio-series interfaces should use Universal Control 1.74. Universal Control 1.74 and 1.8 may be co-installed to use products supported by each.


  • I’m sorry about this, Will.

    Regarding rolling back your firmware: that’s beyond the scope of the service I can offer via a blog comment. I would recommend getting in touch with our tech support team about that by submitting a support ticket via your account. Thanks!

  • Will Thornton

    man i am really pissed i downloaded your new universal driver and it updated the firmware on my 1818 now sense i really hated that you guys took away vsl i decided to uninstall it and go back to 1.3 well guess what the damn thing doesnt see the unit anymore what a crock i am super pissed that you guys did that it was the one reason why i bought it 4 years ago is there anyway to reset the firmware via bios chip reset or something like you would with a computer i really want my vsl BACK

  • PureIndieRock Radio

    why is it so hard to find any information on Universal control panel. downloaded studiolive 13.4.2
    You can open mixer but there are no Record buttons. or you can’t use control panel with the Audioboc USB 96 ?

  • Rob Ainscough

    Thanks, I’ve created an account and submitted a request.

  • Hey Rob, great question, but I’m afraid it’s a little bit beyond my scope of expertise. I recommend submitting a ticket via and getting in touch with our tech support crew. They will help you get to the bottom of this. Thanks!

  • Rob Ainscough

    Does the AudioBox support multiple audio channels provided by Win10 Mixer? Example, if I have audio streaming into my PC from the internet while I also have audio coming from the Line IN or Mic IN of the AudioBox, can both audio streams then be routed to some 3rd party audio/video software I used to record? I’ve tried other products like Motu Ultralite AVB and Focusrite but their Win10 drivers are seriously lacking and can’t operate with any other PC audio source. MOTU, Focusrite drivers could ONLY work with a single audio source and seemed to have no understanding or knowledge of separate streams provided by default Win10 Mixer.

  • Mike Williams

    the rollback to 1.3 is an effective workaround for part of the issue. and studio one 3.5+ can handle the zero latency monitoring if you do enough research. what i want to know is this, are the effects on the 1818vsl on-board hardware effects or are they software in the VSL program? like the fat channel effects is that built into the unit or is it all software?

  • Very sorry about this Mike. Changes in the Mac OS X operating system (OS X 10.11 El Capitan) prevent the VSL control panel from functioning as designed. This was due to changes at Apple that were completely beyond our control.

    You have a few options, click here to learn more:

  • Mike Williams

    im pretty disappointed in the 1818vsl, the vsl aspect of the unit is literately half of the units value, imagine my disgust to find that the VSL is no longer there yet i paid full price for the unit WTF presonus.

  • Hey J.P., contact us at the following link and we can help you get set up with the correct driver.

  • J.p. Dangmann Von Odernheim

    i updated the drivers because my audiobox was not connecting, blinking blue and red, now i’m connecting but no mixer software The suggestion is to go back to previous driver that was causing a problem????? how am i suppose to work this out???? why remove a key piece of software that basically makes my audiobox unusable????

  • Rod Kestler

    You’ve put me in a position where I have re-evaluate my commitment to PreSonus. Removing the zero latency mixing software was a strategic error. If the impetus for this was the newer versions of OS/X creating a problem in terms compatibility, then why screw the entire PC install base? I think it’s time to switch back to ProTools and get a different hardware vendor. In a single day, I’ve updated software and lost capabilities. Reverting to 1.3 legacy software is absolutely an unacceptable answer, because it puts everyone who does so in a guaranteed gauntlet of no future support.

  • I’m afraid I can’t comment on future plans for competitive reasons. I know none of this is good news. The best thing you can do is check in at and make a feature request for the next version of UC or Studio One. You can do that here:

    I would also recommend checking out the forum and seeing if you can get some insight from other users.

  • Van McCalister

    Thanks again for your replies. If you can answer a couple more questions I’d appreciate it. Is PreSonus working on a zero latency fix for Universal Control? What I never understood or liked about the VSL software was the fact that you need a separate program from Studio One to use the zero latency feature. It’s all software, why can’t it just be coded into Studio One? Thanks for your time

  • It’s a known issue. Since you rely on VSL, I would recommend re-installing. Without VSL all monitoring for the 1818 is done in-DAW.

  • Van McCalister

    Thanks for the reply but I’m perfectly aware of how to create a cue mix. What I’m saying is that when I create a cue mix with U.C. 1.8 installed the Zero Latency feature is gone. The letter “Z” is gone and direct monitoring is no longer possible. It has nothing to do with my ability to create a cue mix and has everything to do with U.C. 1.8. Should I reinstall, is it a bug or a known issue?

  • Here’s How to Create a Cue Mix in Studio One when using the 1818VSL without VSL software:

  • Van McCalister

    What about the fact that using U.C. 1.8 kills the zero latency feature for myself and others using the 1818VSL? I can hardly find any info at all on the forums. I must say it’s pretty frustrating to install a recommended update that takes away essential features. I understand I can roll back to the old software but I’d like to know what if anything Presonus is doing about this. Thank you.

  • Looly

    Guys im using a studio one 3 artist but it has no project n no more tools bur i would like to have a studio one 3 pro indeed i hv no clue abt cost n how it wil cost me!

  • In terms of which driver is better, it depends on your intended application. It sounds to me like rolling back to the version that supports VSL is the right one with you, assuming you’re running a version of OSX before 10.11.

  • salmon

    Thanks for your reply. But because of Mac, it’s no longer working on Windows ? That’s weird..
    Anyway, is there any downside by going back to the older version of VSL ? Are UC 1.8 drivers better than the older VSL ones ?
    My point is that I don’t want to stay with driver/firmware version that will no longer be updated just because I want to have VSL Software.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Hey Salmon. VSL Software was discontinued after significant changes in OS X 10.11 El Capitan disabled third-party kernel mixing, a technology that VSL was reliant upon. You are free to uninstall 1.8 and install an older version of VSL, however. More info here:

  • salmon

    I used to use VSL with my AudioBox 22VSL to adjust the EQ while listening music through my Monitor speakers. Now that’s it’s no longer provided with UC 1.8, is there any way to do that ?
    I think it was useful…

  • If you’re seeing the waveforms in Studio One, the audio is being recorded—but if you don’t hear it on playback, something needs to be fixed in your output configuration.

    Contact our support team here for help:

  • Michal

    I play for Alto saxophone and Tenor Saxophone. I did buy audiobox with studio one 3 artist. I cannot recording and then after finish I touch play I no hear nothing. Can you tell me how easy for me start please?

  • Hey there—VSL software has been discontinued. Read more about it at the following link.

    If you want to go back to the older VSL software, uninstall UC 1.8 and install a legacy version of VSL from this link:


  • OS: Windows 10 Insider Preview (latest as of today [date posted] )
    Interface: AudioBox 44VSL

    I’m a little confused about this Universal Control 1.8 update. It says its recommended for all Audiobox devices. I installed it and it seemed to have gotten rid of the old audiobox 44VSL software that I used to route things around and add latency free effects. Am i just confused or how do I get this back?

  • Zambotronic

    Thank you! 🙂

  • aymar

    I have a problem with my inteface AudioBox ITWO studio says I need windows SP1

  • We won’t know until we test it. Expect a compatibility statement here on the blog or in the knowledge base soon. 🙂

  • Zambotronic

    StudioLive Classic mixers and FireStudio-series interfaces will be supported for MacOS 10.12 Sierra?

  • Hey there, details on UC Surface can be found in the PDF manual, available here:

    If you don’t find the answers you need there, please submit a support ticket here:

  • WallsoundPostproduction

    Any Manual PDF ? I cannot find any tutorial or manual for UC Control. I m lost with my 192 Studio !! Big headache…

  • TheRocker

    With Nortons,, run Nortons run UC again, allow it to delete, then click on the “view details” notify at the bottom right,,,
    the next popup, click restore, uncheck the Box that says something like “Exclude this file” (because it needs to detect files like Wsp1 reputatioin files)… It will allow you to run it from that point on, and still detect any new risks of the same alert,,,

    they are probably detecting it as a new File, just released,,,

  • Kirk Howe

    Installed Universal Control on Windows 7.1 with Norton anti-virus. When I try to run it, Norton deletes the ccltext.dll file. I can run it with Norton turned off, but don’t want to do that most of the time. Reverting to version 1.3.

  • Adam Rosa

    I had to to go to song setup a set on my 1818 VSL out 7 and 8 as a cue mix, than it works fine for me. Maybe it helps you.

  • José Manuel Villaseñor

    Audiobox 1818vsl software for Os El capitan?

  • Charles Gibbs

    UC has NO VSL which I use almost daily, so is of no use to me sorry. I use 1818 Audiobox.


    so many problem.
    so i down grade


    no sound!!!!!!
    presonus drivers allways bad

  • Olivier Floury

    No sound also !

    PS : UC 1.8 on OS X el capitan. Macbook pro mid-2015.

  • Sertaç Benli

    It broke down after update

  • Contact our tech support team here for help:

  • Sertaç Benli

    no sound!

  • Sertaç Benli

    1818 vsl headphone problem!