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StudioLive RM Mixers Rebate Extended until Aug. 2016

rm_rebates_ext_ww_600x600_4-11-16_NEE01Goes to show that you just can’t keep a good promo down. Due to popular demand, we’ve extended our existing StudioLive RM mixer rebates until August 31. We’re offering up to 17% off of the RM-series StudioLive mixers. That’s $200 in the USA, but exact amounts will vary regionally.

If you haven’t checked in on the RMs in a while, it’s worth noting that The RM-series mixers recently had cascading support added in the most recent firmware update, allowing you to get build a 64-channel mixing powerhouse. If that’s appealing to you, it’s right for you to know that this is not a one-per-customer discount offer.  And if you own a StudioLive AI console mixer, you’re likely interested in the RM’s new stagebox mode.

But don’t take it from us… here’s what Front of House had to say about it, in part:

“Clearly there’s a lot here and I could spend the next 20 pages getting deeper into the possibilities of this versatile system. But for me, the bottom line here is that the RM mixers are affordable, with a solid build, great sound and an overflowing feature set with more to come, such as AVB integration. Unfortunately, my experience with this system left me with a seemingly incurable addiction for multi-touch, and it’s hard to break that habit.”



  • Sexy girls from Your city

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  • thatdigiguy

    Hope you guys didn’t get flooded!!

  • slide4370

    I know I got a little bit of a deal, but it wasn’t 17%. I bought mine at the end of December 2015….

  • Hey Eddie, contact us at for help with the rebate issue—note that it only applies to the original RM series, not the RML.

  • Eddie M

    Hi I just purchased a StudioLive RML32AI 3 days ago from Guitar Center website and this is out of stuck until July/7th but I just noticed that the one I buy doesn’t have the new 8 TRS inputs and I didn’t get the
    $200 discount so because is out of stuck they haven’t charge my c card yet until the shipping date…
    Please advice me what should I do because I absolutely want the new model with the 8 TRS inputs!
    Question: If I buy it form another place will I get this $200 discount?

  • I don’t know if you’re referring to the RM16 or RM32s, but they were $1199.95 and $1799.95, (In the USA) respectively, before the rebate. You should have paid less.

  • Oz Amaro

    How would you or I even know?

  • Hey Oz, this is an instant rebate, meaning you save money at the register and don’t need to fill out any forms. If you purchased the mixer during the promotional period, you would have gotten the deal. 🙂

  • Oz Amaro

    I bought two of these in June, nobody told me of any rebate. Is there a form I can fill out to receive these rebates? I also bought the CS18ai interface. Please advise