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25% off Studio One 3 in June 2016


Been considering Studio One? We’re up to version 3.2.2, and now’s a great time to get on board, as we’ve added some features since 3.0, including the very popular Console Shaper and a ton of workflow improvements. This is an instant price drop with no rebate forms.

Some other details you ought to know:

  • This offer is available worldwide.
  • This offer applies to all editions of Studio One 3: Artist, Professional, Upgrades, and…
  • Crossgrades!—as long as you have a qualifying DAW. Details on that below.

Crossgrade info:

If you own a DAW from the qualifying list below, you’re entitled to the 25% off discount. All you need to do is provide a copy of the UPC code or original purchase receipt for the other DAW in an email to

Upon approval, you will be issued a coupon code, which you can then use to purchase Studio One for the limited-time discounted price. Kindly allow up to 24 hours for the coupon code to be issued Monday through Friday. If requested on a weekend, the request will be handled the following Monday.

Qualifying DAWs include:

  • Cubase 5 or higher
  • Pro Tools 9 or higher
  • Nuendo 5 or higher
  • Logic 9, X
  • Sonar X2 or higher
  • Live 8 or higher
  • Digital Performer 7 or higher
  • Acid Pro 6 or higher
  • Reason 6 or higher
  • Reaper 4 or higher
  • Samplitude 9 or higher
  • Mixcraft Pro 6 or higher
  • FL Studio 11 or higher
  • Notion 5 or higher
  • Bitwig Studio

This deal is available for digital downloads at the online PreSonus shop. But, if you’re feeling analog, we won’t get in the way. If a boxed copy is more your speed, then our ever-lovin’ dealers are participating as well.

  • Simon Pritchard

    i have sent you an email over thanks

  • Simon, please contact us at and we will work with you. Thanks!

  • Simon Pritchard

    I have been trying for the past week to buy the crossgrade to go from digital performer on my other system to S1, not one uk dealer could help me and source distribution were useless. Its priced at £149 here and I cant buy it, here is an example musicmatters have it listed at £149 but none in stock or available for me to get until next month, then the price will be different. so I guess im going to miss out on this deal again..

  • TruTh Knox

    So I don’t see the adjusted price. Cross grade has always been $299

  • Correct!

  • TruTh Knox

    Hello, I see you have the Crossgrade for 25% off as well correct?

  • Rob, that link also currently shows the discounted price for the full version of Studio One 3 Professional, which is usually $399. Note that all versions of Studio One 3 are on sale this month: new purchases, crossgrades, upgrades, etc.

    Purchasing the upgrade from Studio One Artist 3 to Professional 3 is less expensive, as the buyer already has a copy of Artist. It is an upgrade, not a new purchase, which is why it always costs less than the standalone version.

    With the typical pricing:
    Upgrade from Studio One 3 Artist to Studio One 3 Professional: $299
    Studio One 3 Professional Standalone: $399

    With the discount (current, June only) pricing:
    Upgrade from Studio One 3 Artist to Studio One 3 Professional: $225
    Studio One 3 Professional Standalone: $300

  • Rob Lloyd

    The price for Studio One 3 professional in digital download format is $300 (NON UPGRADE) Here is a link in case you forgot…

    That makes for a savings of $1. Certainly not 25%!


  • Hey Rob, if you’re referring to the upgrade from Artist 3 to Professional 3, the usual price is $299. Check back in July and you’ll see that the price has gone back up.

  • Rob Lloyd

    Price is the same as always, I emailed them for the quoted ” coupon code” and was told “there isn’t one, the discount is already applied.” Upgrade price remains at 225$ which is what it was last month. Its just a marketing trick.

  • Yes, you can get a boxed copy from a local dealer. Most online stores sell the download version.

  • Josh H.

    Hi there. I’d like to get a boxed version of Professional 3, however, this would be as an upgrade from Artist 3. Is there any way to do this while paying the upgrade price?

  • PJay

    Just to be clear – for me at least, the 25% discount didn’t apply until the checkout phase of the purchase.

  • Correct!

  • Yabisi

    This applies to first time buyers too right? I have Pro Tools and Cubase that qualifies for the discount and almost bought SO Pro before I saw this.

  • Cody Jay
  • Hmm. Can you link the exact page? Also let me know your geographic location, I’ll look into this for you.

  • Cody Jay

    It’s the same as 2 months ago. Exactly the same price.

  • There’s no code. The prices in the shop are all changed to reflect the discount already. 🙂

  • Hey there, the price you see in the shop is the current 25% off price. The non-sale, higher price is not displayed.

  • Tobin fox music

    YES!!!! Gonna’ upgrade in a week 🙂

  • Néstor Vgc

    How can we get it ?????? the final bill remains with the original price, may we need some bonus code?? tks in advance ,

  • Néstor Vgc

    me too 🙁 I can’t get it anywere even on the S1 pro version , If you get any answer please share tks

  • Josh Sil

    How about a discount on the VST upgrade for S1 3 artist. its like $80 now…..C’Moooooon…lol

  • I don’t see the 25% off on the upgrades. Price looks the same to me.

  • Cam No

    UGH! So disappointed… If I knew there was going to be a sale I would have waited a few weeks to upgrade. -_____-

  • Heck yes! Go for it!

  • Rolando Revilla

    What about upgrading? If we are a S1 version 2 user can we still get the discount?