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Free Faderport with Purchase of Studio 192


The new Studio 192 has been enjoying rave reviews of late, but we’ve found a way to make it even better—by adding free stuff! If you’re looking to upgrade your recording interface to a Studio 192, you’ll be upgrading your workflow as well, as we’re offering a free FaderPort with purchases of the Studio 192 for a limited time.

The FaderPort is a mainstay of the PreSonus line, and has remained one of our best-selling items since we introduced it. You get intuitive, motorized fader control of Studio One of your DAW of choice in a tiny desktop footprint that doesn’t eat up your valuable, ever-decreasing desktop space. Once you’ve tried a FaderPort, there’s NO going back to mix-by-mouse. A FaderPort will usually set you back around $129 USD, but with this deal you get the following for FREE:

  • Motorized fader for controlling track levels and writing automation tracks
  • Transport control and Mark functionality
  • Mute, Solo, and Record control
  • Channel selection and navigation
  • Customizable key mappings

Interested? Find a dealer in your area and take home a Studio 192 and FaderPort. This combo can’t disappoint.

Click here to get the required rebate form.

Note that the Studio 192 Mobile is not eligible for this offer.

  • It depends on if you bought it during the promotion period or not—if you have the receipt and you got the 192 during the promotion, you should be good to go! Thanks for choosing us!

  • Chris Rand

    aaaargh! every time I buy some of your hardware the price has just gone up and then a freebie comes out just after!!! this would have been real useful since Studio one is about the only daw that won’t recognise the touch and other features on my novation Zero sl controller!

  • Glen Peladeau

    I am shopping for hardware that will work with Sonar Platinum. Is this compatible?

  • Will Mott

    3/27, yes, very annoying.

  • Will Mott

    I guess I bought mine 2 months too soon. Same thing happened with my StudioLive 32.4.2AI. Blah!

  • Maurice Ragland

    how does it compare to RME?

  • PT Suara Visual Indonesia can help!

  • izzy

    where i can get this offer in Indonesia?

  • Available worldwide!

  • Solomon Tirwomwe

    Is this offer available in United Kingdom or is it US customers only?

  • Anto Valan


  • Denis Smith

    I bought and registered my device on April 4th. I really do feel this is very annoying.

  • Yes! Contact our distributor in India here:

  • Anto Valan

    I am from India. Can I have this offer. Pleas say about the dealer in india

  • Axl

    Just to say a big Thanks to Presonus team!
    For playing the game and send me the offer without any problem.
    Sure you groove Presonus!!
    Thanks!! 😉

  • Denis Smith

    I agree – what a drag!

  • Denis Smith

    Well – that’s just peachy! Only had mine a month!

  • Nope, just the Studio 192.

  • Rico Fluor

    Is this offer also valid for the Studio 192 Mobile?

  • No, sorry, this promotion was not running in December of 2015.

  • Kyrre Bjørdal Sæther

    I bought my Studio 192 here in Norway around Xmas 2015. Am I eligible for this offer? Please let me know.

  • Axl

    I’ve just recieve mine after bought my Studio 192 on the april 26th 2016….
    Any way to get the offer?! 🙂