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Startisan on why you WANT a computer for your live shows

Startisan has taken the PreSonus StudioLive RM16AI on the road for their live shows, taking advantage of the unit’s digital inputs to incorporate sophisticated backing tracks and effects processing into their live shows. They can even run VSTs and virtual instruments live.

Using the same configuration, the band is also able to record all of their shows and rehearsals.

The result? Concerts that sound more like their records. Well, that, and ticket sales.

  • John

    Me too, but with SAC! Clearly, Presonus is fine example of Behringer philosophy, stealing ideas and pretending they’ve never heard of a similar product or so 😀

  • Peter Brown

    Where the FOH engineer becomes the crucial member of the band..?…?

  • Elijah

    ive been doing this since 2007 😛