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Studio One Raises The Bar Again on Feb 25


TUNE in on February 25th at 10 AM or for the 2 PM rebroadcast at:


UPDATE 2/16/16: we’ve added more prizes to this show! You’ll receive a prompt to enter the giveaway via e-mail when you view the show on Feb 25. We will also have a separate giveaway for our Twitter audience.

It’s time for another FREE mind-blowing update to Studio One 3! Tune in on Feb. 25 at 10:00 a.m. CST for interviews with several accomplished producers, where they will be showing off everything new in the forthcoming update to Studio One 3. We’ll also run a rebroadcast at 2:00 pm CST.

What ARE the new updates, you ask? What are the new features? And when are they coming?

Tune in on Feb. 25 to find out, at: We’ll be giving away a StudioLive RM16AI to a viewer of the first broadcast.

Pre-register via this Eventbrite ticket to receive an e-mail reminder on the day of the show!


  • Willj

    Next time stick to commenting on the topic instead of trolling other peoples comments and trying to “set them straight”…We are here because you dont know how to tend to your own business.

  • Bob Ford

    do what you may. this guy is a pt person and has nothing good to say about S1…….look at his profile

  • Play nice, you two, or I’ll turn this car around and nobody gets to go to Disneyland.

  • Willj

    Troll it up baby Im sure your dad would be proud to know he raised an internet troll.

  • Bob Ford

    I applaud your ignorance

  • Willj

    No then they shouldv just released the software and left it -as is- huh? Ive been using it since it was released, so that would really be something. Why are you so worried about what i have to say? Why are you so worried about commenting on peoples comments instead of the release? It all boils down to one thing BOB, you not knowing what youre talking about while trolling the comments and not sticking to the article.

  • Just click “Check for updates” from the Studio One Start Page! 🙂

  • It’s free! Just click “Check for updates” at the Studio One Start Page.

  • David Jaycox

    How do I upgrade to 3.2? I just bought 3.0 last week and I want the DCA feature.

  • Joseph.R. Arabo

    Hey, i upgrade the day Studio one 3 pro released, from Studio one 2 pro….. on it!
    But say what the add ons now it nice, awesome plugins, don’t be late on the others!!!!

  • It is free if you have Studio One 3.

  • Cascading for RM was announced yesterday! 🙂

  • In Studio One 3, click “Check for updates”, and you will receive 3.2. 🙂

  • Craftmaster

    it would just make the software more popular among pirates, thats why they focus on the audio guys over the urban and edm producers

  • 박진서

    I’m korean,i want studio one 3.2 free update.But,korea’s time is 12 p.m.
    What can i do?

  • jay

    man don’t worry about other ppl.he probably does’nt have a job and can watch webcast all day long lol.

  • jay

    mono bus tracks..or rewriting a wave with the pencil tool

  • jay

    no fl studio stuff.

  • jay


  • Ryan O’Neal

    I Finally Got to upgrade to Studio One Pro 3 and I AM loving the New features Still Learning Them, But I am Looking Forward the Upcoming Update, Cascading for The Rm 16/32 AI Mixers My Next Goal is to get AVB Switch , I am Hoping They Come Up with a Little More Affordable Than The Motu AVB Switch, But If Not, I Am Still Working My Way to That, Keep Up The Great Work

  • Justin Foster

    Hmm, yeah that would rock.

  • Joseph Arabo

    Hey guys, what ever it is, is awesome, it is for free!!!!! am i right!

  • Bob Ford

    I have been using the software for almost 4 years now, it is one of the easiest programs to use. nothing needs to be fixed really.

  • Willj

    This is dumb. Just fix the software and maybe dont act like this is the release of Titanic 2.

  • Best thing to do is submit this as an official feature request over here:

    Be sure to upvote other feature requests you like while you’re there!

  • Level4Music

    @PreSonusAudio:disqus Can we Please, please, please get a step sequencer like the one in FL Studio. Many of us have been waiting for this. This alone would grow the studio one community

  • Level4Music

    Can we Please, please, please get a step sequencer like the one in FL Studio. Many of us have been waiting for this. This alone would grow the studio one community

  • FrancIs Da’Mond Houston


  • Easilyn {Various}

    4 days eh?Can’t wait to see what’s what

  • Craig Carl Howlett

    Hey KW, have you ever heard of Protools? I think you’d like it

  • Craig Carl Howlett

    Just remember not to call on a Saturday 🙂

  • Craig Carl Howlett

    Well it seems this forum has 2.. :_)

  • Craig Carl Howlett


  • Ryan O’Neal

    As Always Presonus Has Some Cool Stuff Coming, Looking Forward To it

  • Toby Dorsett

    Its all good. I just didn’t realize there was so much involved. I just thought it could be recorded and played at any time. Still, I’m always excited anytime there is something new coming out.

  • I think he’s referring to when you asked us to run the Webcast on a Saturday—we’re closed on Saturdays. Most of us have rehearsals, gigs to play, or were out late at one on Friday night. 🙂

  • I hear you Al, but we have evidence to show that a lot of our users like videos. We have more subscribers to our YouTube channel than any of our competitors, including Avid—who we have no plans of turning into. 🙂

    When 3.2 comes out, we will also have a changelog posted to our blog and forum. It’s HTML, not plain text, but I hope that will be close enough for you.

    You also don’t need to sign in to any different account, or even be signed into your account, for that matter, to view the webcast. The Eventbrite form above is just for an e-mail reminder, and is not required to view the webcast or win a prize.

  • We will announce the rules during the show, but the gist of it is this: Tweet out a certain hashtag with a link to the show while it’s running, and we pick a random entrant to win.

  • K W

    Where do I find the “rules” for any of these giveaways (but especially the Eris E44 Twitter giveaway, because I need those damn things, badly)?

  • K W

    Hey, just goes to show ya, Toby. There are a-holes in every comment stream, just looking for opportunities to demonstrate how good they are at being one. Hey, Craig! Why did you feel the need to respond to Toby that way?

  • Jonas Lindekrantz

    and when you select and drag and move, it get very slow and you have to reload the tune.

  • Jonas Lindekrantz

    Sampler One is not working as it should, i am very unhappy about it. It repeats sound sometimes once with no loop and CutOff is not working as it should either.

  • Toby Dorsett

    I’m removing myself from this forum. In the future if I have a question for the fine people at PreSonus I’ll call them personally so I don’t get misinterpreted.
    Sorry everybody.

  • Toby Dorsett

    Ask them to work overtime? Where do you see me asking them to do that?
    I don’t understand why you’re trying so hard to make me out to be a ass?

    I asked why they couldn’t do it on a Sat or Sun to where us 9 to 5 er’s could watch it too.
    They said they were 9 to 5 guys themselves.
    I asked if they were saying they weren’t going to be able to watch it either.
    They said they had to shoot the webcast, stream it, etc.
    I said I wish I had a job like theirs.

    I’m not understanding the Avid remark?
    I love Studio One 3 Pro as well that’s why I really wanted to see the webcast.

    I’m really sorry my questions to PreSonus got you so upset you felt the need to attack me.

  • Kirk

    I hope they add a NOTE pad per track like my Old Sonar. So i type External Signal Chains pedals settings etc per Track.. Ive been asking for that since SO 1

  • Craig Carl Howlett

    Toby you were extremely rude to begin with asking the guys to work overtime, they are human too, it’s not Avid, which is exactly why I Love Presonus

  • Al Beback

    Did you know “happy” people commit suicide more often than other protected classes?

  • Al Beback

    or you could just write it down in a text document. Much cheaper. That way you can keep costs down and give your self raises or days off.

  • Al Beback

    How about just a good old text document? Video is such a horrid way to share information,

    And why the he** do I need to sign in with a different account than my Presonus user profile for this?

    Please don’t turn into Avid on me. Keep it simple.

  • Toby Dorsett

    Wow….that was really rude. Sorry I asked any questions at all.

  • Craig Carl Howlett

    With an attitude like yours, i can’t see it likely anytime soon ;-P Hey Negative Nancy

  • Stan Ausmus

    Any chance at all for native integration of Notion? I’d love for you guys to move the score window into the DAW instead of having to use it externally. Just sayin’…

  • Dwayne Valentine

    Fingers crossed! Add a smart tool, auto track zoom, multiple visible time rulers, and low latency monitoring to this wish list.

  • Toby Dorsett

    I wish I had a job like yours.

  • Joe

    Any hints or teasers to what is coming ?! any rumors, anything ??? I’m burning here !

  • Dwayne Valentine

    After I get fired, I’m coming to work for you guys.

  • Rod Sanders

    Just a few guesses: global effect bypass, CPU efficiency, Tape slow down / glitch effects, some sort of chord analysis / chord track tool.

  • OK—we won’t tell your boss.

  • Dwayne Valentine

    Can’t wait! Taking off from work to see the new goodies.

  • No, I’m saying that we work at the office from 9-5, Monday-Friday, and we need to be here to shoot the webcast, stream it live, monitor the chatroom, and choose winners for the giveaway.

  • Toby Dorsett

    Are you trying to say that even though you work for PreSonus from 9 to 5 Monday through Friday you’re now going to be able to see the webcast either?

  • Hey Toby, I understand. Fact is, we at PreSonus work 9 to 5 as well—Monday through Friday. 🙂

  • Hahaha!

  • Jim Perkins

    Because the majority of us are unemployed musicians who live off our girlfriends.

  • Toby Dorsett

    Why on earth would you do it at 10:00 am and 2:00 pm on a Thursday ? A lot of Studio One users have 9 to 5 jobs other than working in recording studios. Why not do it on a Saturday or Sunday where we can all watch it?