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Introducing the StudioLive Production Suite—StudioLive AI Console Mixers Plus Studio One 3 Professional


From August 1 through October 31, 2015, customers who buy any StudioLive AI console mixer will also get automatically upgraded to Studio One 3 Professional. If you’re looking for a professional studio solution (even in your very own home), this is the way to go.

StudioLive AI Mixers make a great choice for studio production work for 3 reasons: great sound, flexibility, and software integration.

Let’s Start with Great Sound

  • 96 kHz HD Recording Mode
  • XMAX Preamps
  • Burr Brown Converters
  • The same 64-bit summing, eq, and compression as Studio One 3 Professional


Flexibility For Every Studio Environment

  • An integrated FireWire 800 Audio Interface with LOTS of channels (48 x 34 with a StudioLive 32.4.2)
  • Inserts on each channel for integrating external gear
  • 14 Auxes for independent headphone mixes
  • Dedicated Fat Channels and effects processing processing for getting a great sound while tracking (with no latency).
  • Independent Solo Bus
  • Summing Control Room Bus
  • Talkback and more


Tight Software Integration

  • QMix for every player, so they can control their mix levels from their iPhone while recording
  • Make your mix environment more accurate through Smaart analysis and StudioLive’s EQ on the master bus
  • Use Spectral Analysis to head off Phase problems
  • Now with Studio One 3 Artist…and through October 31st, Studio One 3 Professional! (more on this below)


Benefits of the Studio One / StudioLive Connection

The StudioLive AI mixers and Studio One 3 play very nicely together. In fact, any settings you make in the StudioLive’s Fat Channel during recording are non-destructive—these settings can be imported into your Studio One session for additional tweaking during your mix process. Furthermore, StudioOne includes template configurations for all of our mixers and interfaces, so once you’ve connected the StudioLive to your computer and fired up Studio One, you’ve only got to make about two clicks before you’re recording. Smart stuff!  

With all the additional effects, instruments, editing and Sound Design capabilities (like parallel processing FX chains) that come with the auto upgrade to Studio One 3 Professional.  The StudioLive Production Suite is the ultimate solution for your recording studio (while still an incredible solution for live sound production and recording).

This offer is available worldwide. Just get yourself a StudioLive AI before October 31 2015, and you’ll receive a download link for Studio One 3 Professional in your account when you register your mixer.



  • sam

    Great insight guys. I am a big fan of presonus gear!

    Studio Gear Experts

  • ferdrummer


  • Craig Carl Howlett

    It should come free with the control surface AND the RM series too not just AI

  • Craig Carl Howlett

    This should be a permanent thing.. it is kind of an insult to buy such expensive hardware and have to buy the software separately.. i think you would sell so many more.. is this likely? Also PLEASE a full sized jog wheel with spring loaded top part for scrubbing for the control surface next iteration THEN i will bite

  • mikesilva

    I have get one SL16.4.2AI Last March. If you see my account I have several licences from Studio One. Can I Get one copy of SO 3 Pro version?

  • ferdrummer

    Hi there, I have two questions for you guys, I just got a StudioLive 16.4.2 AI yesterday, I already have a 16.0.2.
    1.- Can I install the Studio One 3 in my 3 macs?
    2.- Am I going to be able to use Studio One 3 with the 16.0.2 too?

    Thank you!!!


  • That’s OK, we’ll take care of you. Register your mixer when you get it, and then email us at, with ATTN: Ryan in the subject line. We’ll take care of your upgrade.

    You won’t need to delete Artist when you install Studio One Professional. Tell Ryan that you already have artist and he will get you upgraded. 🙂

  • Jesse Olsen

    Hey guys, i just bought a 24.4.2 AI off of Amazon but it won’t arrive until Nov. 3rd. I’m still in the clear as far as being able to get the download, correct? Also, I am running Artist as of right now. Will i have to delete artist or with the download will it automatically clean it up for me? How does this work? Thanks!

  • Sorry to hear this, William. Please e-mail us at with the name of the Rep in question and we’ll see what we can do.

  • William Smith

    I purchased the Presonus StudioLive 24.4.2 AI from about 18 months ago. It has been a great asset, although it didn’t have enough channels for my studio. So on 7/5/2015 I purchased the 32.4.2 AI. I have recorded music and tried to use the software for altering the music and it says I need the professional version. A few weeks ago a Presonus rep from TechrepMarketing was at a music store and I won the Studio One 3 Artist, I was very excited thinking I won the Professional Version. The rep then told me that I had won the artist version and that he would help me out getting the Professional Version. I emailed him as he asked me to. He replied that he was very busy. I waited two weeks, emailed him again, he has not replied, and again he has not replied. So today I try to install the Version that I won, hoping to upgrade it to Professional maybe for a lesser cost. Then I find out that if I would have bought my second mixer after 8/1/15 I would have gotten a free upgrade to Professional. I purchased my mixer just three weeks too early. Is there any way you can help me out? I have purchased $5000.00 worth of these mixers and have missed the upgrade.

  • Mohammad Reza Hoodi
  • Joe Judeen

    Bummer! on the bright side, it’s only $150 to upgrade,

  • Andrezinho Costa

    Nothing until this moment… Unfortunately!

  • Joe Judeen

    Hello Andrezinho,
    Curious, did Presonus give you any feedback pertaining to your question?

  • You will need to make sure the previous owner has de-registered the mixer in order to register it and take advantage of the offer.

  • John

    What if you buy it used off Ebay?

  • Hey Richard, our tech support team can help with this—please contact them here:

  • Richard Akuffo

    i had studio one artist and recently registered my studio live 32.4.2AI and after i registered it came with studio one producer .i have tried severally to install it but i still get studio one artist.i have uninstalled studio one artist and all of its components but i still get artist when i try to install producer

  • No, this offer is for the StudioLive AI Console mixers.

  • Matthis

    Does this offer work with the CS-18 AI?

  • Andrezinho Costa

    Why don’t you offer free upgrade of Studio One 3 for those that have the Studio One 2 that came with the earlier StudioLive?
    I have a 24.4.2 and would like to by a 32.4.2AI, but in Brasil it’s very expensive with the economic crisis and the dollar getting R$ 4,00. I have no money and can’t have my system actual.
    I’ll be using Logic Pro…

  • No, this offer is only available on the StudioLive AI Console Mixers at this time.

  • No, this offer is only available on the StudioLive AI Console Mixers at this time.

  • Josh

    Does this promo include the software for the rm consoles as well?

  • Al

    Hi, is this offer available with the Studiolive RM16AI ?

  • appleville

    I just recently bought the 32ai Great sounding board. Kinda disappointed for the amount of money spent for the board it didn’t come with the professional Studio 3 and that you cant control Studio One using the board is almost unforgivable!!!