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Studio One 3.0.1 available now!


The 3.0.1 update to Studio One released today, adding Italian localization, an updated reference manual, enhanced multi-touch performance, support for the StudioLive CS18AI, and much more, including bug fixes.

All you need to do to update is launch Studio One 3. If your computer is connected to the Internet, Studio One’s start page will prompt you to install the update.
New features and improvements:

• Italian localization added
• Updated reference manual with improved layout and navigation
• New teaser Sound Set “Prime Selection Loops and Sounds” for all versions
• USB installation support for optional USB thumb drive
• Multi-touch support for 3rd party plug-ins
• Multi-touch support for context menus
• Multi-touch vertical zooming improvements
• Improved multi-touch performance
• Change: TUIO support now disabled by default
• Improved visibility of selected events
• Improved toolbar button alignment (optimized for smaller screens)
• Improved automation curve handling
• Support for Studio One Remote and PreSonus CS18AI moving fader controller (UCNET remote)

This update also fixes many bugs. Click here for the full list of fixes.

  • John Paul McNeil

    Sometimes forward looks like looking back….

  • JW Lehman

    I don’t think they’re going for legacy. Look forward…

  • John Paul McNeil

    I love Studio One 2. I always wait when a new version comes out, and let the bug stuff settle. Hopefully the worst is over. But I will not upgrade to 3 until there is a legacy GUI. I think a lot of us feel that way. In the works, or is it so, and I missed it? Thanks.

  • Dizzy

    Done. Tx!

  • Denis AK Archfx

    presonus guys know what they do! i love studio one v3 alot , i use studio one since 2.0.3 and always they keep suprising me 🙂 , but i rly hope to see in future updates distortion plugin like on logic clip dist ( and not only me =) ) , yea redlight is pretty good but not that enought 🙂 , anyway keep it up!

  • Hey Dizzy, thanks for the feedback—can you tell us more about what you’re experiencing via a support ticket? We would like to look into this more closely. Thanks!

  • Dizzy

    Please fix Omnisphere 2 “Transform to Audio track” bug in 3.0.2. Thank you very much!