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.@LukeMornay on Studio One 3 and Creative Comping

Grammy-nominated producer Luke Mornay has been advocating Studio One ever since he made the switch from Cubase a few years ago. Naturally, he got in at the ground floor with Studio One 3. Here’s his thoughts on all things Studio One 3, including Mai Tai, Note FX, and Presence XT. To close it out, he shares a cool trick he calls “Creative Comping.”



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  • Thank you, we appreciate the support!

  • Jordan NoVa

    Been with Studio One since the beginning!!!Got artist v1 and now I’m with v2 producer and love it !!! Will be upgrading to v3 soon, Better than “pro tools”.

  • Thanks, glad to have your support!

  • I made the switch to PreSonus Studio One 3 years ago. I have been beyond pleased and amazed with this effortless DAW and it’s workflow. Version 3 was a huge upgrade with more additions and incredible ideas that just make creating music and productions more exciting than ever. You guys just keep amazing me. User for life!!

  • Followed Studio One since Its Birth, although I have actually purchased and then sold it at least five times over the past few years or so, and each time I get pulled back, I don’t think you can beat presonus for listening to its users and support, Now with V3 I think it has come of age, I always expected it would become an industry standard, and the future is always around the corner and that makes Studio One very exiting, At last I am stuck on V3 for good.
    I would love to then see a page for performance, So I don’t have to look at ableton any more and that will save a whole lot of eye strain lol, although I can only guess how this would be implemented, although since V3 I can see more potential in integrating a logical performance feature/function. Anyhow, well done so far presonus I new you would not me down, sorry I waivered although I cant see that happening ever again, too much to look forward to and plenty to run with now.

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    the best DAW ever maid from day one Luke hands up thanks

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  • B Carr

    Did you use Studio Pro before usinf Studio One 3. I have and don’t and any game changing differences. Their plugins are the same as Studio One Pro. I think only the GUI as changed. What do you think? B