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Studio One 3 Demos from Launch Webcast Now Available

Our Most Epic Webcast Ever was a big hit—and, well, a big webcast. We rented some butcher knives so the video crew could dice the webcasts up into more easily-digestible bits, and the first course is presented for savoring below. Dig in with Rick and Josh as they pork out on the new features of Studio One 3, not-quite-live. But still fresh.


Part 1: Songwriting

Part 2: Sound Design

Part 3: Control and Q&A

  • Man I am glad I waited to upgrade to Studio One Version 3 Professional, I am the biggest fan of you guys at PreSonus and Studio One 3…..I would love to get my studio back and up and going, I lost a lot of gear and software to a house fire, right now i have studio one 2 artist and propellerhead reason 8.2, If I had Studio One 3 Professional, I could take my music to another level. Thank you guys for the Studio One the best DAW in the world.

  • Hey Jeffrey—no plans for that at this time, as audio is our entire world. We leave video up to the experts in that department. 🙂