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Sceptre Monitor First Impressions from Seth Waters / Interpose Productions

[This just in from Seth Waters of Interpose Productions!]
Hey PreSonus! I just got the speakers. Here is a pic of them in the control room, as well as my review.
So, I just got my PreSonus Sceptre S8‘s today and I think my brains leaked out all over my desk.

I upgraded from Yamaha HS8OMs. I can’t say that there is ANY coloration. The Sceptres revealed details in my old mixes that I used to wonder about. Since listening to them through these s8’s I was instantly able to pinpoint areas I could have made better.
I tried to find a spot in my control room where I couldn’t hear the stereo image and I couldn’t find one. I might never buy another studio monitor.  Thanks to PreSonus, I’ll be cleaning brain matter off my desk now.

Seth Waters

Interpose Productions
Iron River, MI
  • Chris Tafoya

    Presonus really has stepped up in the past few years. Can’t wait to try these some day

  • Ken.R

    非常喜欢PreSonus的产品….过段时间买一对E5和1818VSL用一用,不知道 Sceptre S8如何,我现在也在家使用YAMAHA HS80m工作…