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Something Unseen This Way Comes: #UnveilPreSonus

Sure, we’ve been talking a lot about the StudioLive 32.4.2AI, and how elegantly it integrates with the StudioLive AI PA systems. And of course you MUST know about PreSonuSphere, coming up in October.  And the RC 500 solid-state preamp? Come on. That jazz is so last-week.

On Thursday, August 29 2013, at 3:00 p.m. CST, (4:00 p.m. EST | 1:00 p.m. PST | 20:00 GMT) head over to, where we’ll dagger the cloak, tip our hand, and reveal the other players in our triumvirate. But what is it?

Exactly. We encourage you to speculate about precisely what the H-E-double-hockey-sticks we have going on over here using the hashtag #UnveilPreSonus. You are also welcome to direct questions to us on the matter, but are decidedly less welcome to expect useful answers.

At least until the 29th.



  • Neri Perdigon

    Hi, We already owned studiolive 24.4.2 and we’re planning to buy 32.4.2. Is there an option to use digital snake for stage box? Thanks

  • danny

    its another mixer with 24 channels too many because user who want premium quality but a low channel count do not exist

  • kevin tyler

    you guys should leave stupid videos to the people at mackie

  • kevin tyler

    friday lunch in spain

  • kevin tyler

    so what is it then???

  • Andrew

    32 channel mixer, now STANDARD with Thunderbolt… and any Presonus mixer they’ve ever sold magically updates to Thunderbolt when the registered user replies to this message thread

  • SonicDave

    Time zone problem. Well it’s 12:01 somewhere’s.

  • SonicDave

    Hey, it’s 12:01. Am I too early??

  • Jim Tieri

    How about som e new SL’s: 16.4.2 and 16.0.2 that don’t need a computer for ipad control(Vsl), and doubles as a complete control surface for Studio One, not just an audio interface! Now, that would be ultimate integration!

  • Don West

    How about wireless modules that plug into the mains out of the StudioLive board (or any board) and into the input of your active PA speakers (regardless of brand) for transmitting your audio. No more speaker cables. EVERYBODY HATES SPEAKER CABLES!

  • Kevin Learned

    My vote is for Android control.. definetly would be sweet.

  • Joshua

    How about a bigbutt touch screen monitor that networks to the SL on stage, no snakes, no fuss, FOH anywhere. Oh..wait…already doing that…
    Ok, how about a SL that records? Hmm… do like the control surface idea.. Mackie HUI is ok, but dated.
    How about total vertical integration of the entire PA rig from mics to speakers, all controlled via wireless i-things…. Done already?
    Jeez…then I’ll go with the Droids and Landspeeder…..a hoverboard?

  • blah

    analog/digital 500 series command station and cards.

  • Fred

    A 20″ touch screen wireless interface that acts like the main board. All software based. Basically a giant ipad. Place it on a foh table, and your ready to go.

  • James Taylor

    Presonus is joining the Empire, that silhouette looks a bit like Darth Vader’s Hat. I’m guessing they are using digital communications to root out the rebels strongholds….

  • Tod Blanchard

    I know I know!!!! It’s a studio live with motorized faders !!!!! Yeah baby!!!

  • Steven

    A digital snake?!?!?

  • SonicDave

    Boy, you must be a blast at parties.

  • MK

    Studio One Version 3 ?????????????????

  • Mike Rivers

    I’ve got it! Alligator season in Louisiana starts today, so they’re making a Special Edition ADL600 with an alligator skin front panel and alligator teeth for knob pointers.


    Well since I”m no longer a member of the gang, I guess I’ll have to wait until PreSonus sends me one for a review (if they dare). Then I’ll be able to tell you what they’re building in there, what they put inside, what it does, what it doesn’t do, what works, what doesn’t work, what’s great, and what’s dumb. Unless of course it’s just more software. 😉

    See ya!

  • Andy

    the ability to set a compressor on the main outputs POST FADER and before the GEQ’s. Having the compressor prefader is OK, but I am seriously considering hooking up an external compressor to push the output into, which sort of defeats one of the reasons why I got the PRESONUS 1642 in the first place. Apart form that, no complaints, brilliant desk, works great via my own wireless network, laptop PC and Ipad. My singer even has the hang of using the” wheel of me”…..keep up the good work.

  • grupps

    I have it! A pad controller for studio one to rival ableton’s push

  • Serge Mangione


  • Stefan

    My wish for Christmas+Easter+Birthday:
    For Firewire is dying – no, FW is dead – it can only – no, it has to – be an adapter for Firewire400 to USB/eSata/Thunderbolt…
    Say this is true…!!!! Please…!!!! And my SL24 will live on…!!!

  • michael cooper

    Pre amps that compete with the X32. I love my 16.4.2 but the Midas pres are smoking.

  • abarson

    A MIDI compatible squeegee to wipe the competition?

  • John Scheithauer

    Free mail order brides with the purchase of the new 32.4.2AI

  • JP

    How could this be bigger than having a fix for the VSL drivers?
    Waiting for 1 year and 10 months for a fix is not big enough?

    And the answer to the wait was: sorry, we are currently busy coming up with new products. Once that is out, we will be working on supporting the other stuff….

    Trouble is: when does a company stop coming out with new products? Never!

  • rob

    Im guessing a 32 input or 48 input console. so it can be used for real environments not just small clubs and basement studios??

  • Jeff

    Post 65, RR said this is a small thing, so probably not important fix in the eyes of Presonus…

    There are after frying bigger fish than poor us with our unreliable and mostly unsupported piece of equipment that is called the 1818vsl.

  • Alvin

    vegetarian jambalaya recipe?

  • Sean Morrogh

    I really don’t understand the fascination with motorized faders unless they function as control surface, or if the faders are multifunctional as in layers. As the StudioLive is now, motorized faders don’t even make it onto my long wish list. I love not having to double check to make sure what I’m adjusting when I grab a fader. I’m sorta old skool. Hey Jimmyfoot, head on over to the Studio Live Mixer users FB page and share more details about your woes. great community there that just may have some answers. And get a new firewire cable. Just a guess, but it’s amazing what that can fix

  • Jonny

    how about an I/O that samples at 192….what a concept…oh yeah…at a reasonable price….NOT…!

  • Kieran Vella

    Oh they are so totally resurrecting the “Pod” branding and going hardcore with it:
    -FireStudioPOD ProducerPOD
    -FP10POD ;P

    I can’t wait to Pod my Pod’s via PodWire

  • Chuck Wails

    All what the M7CL can give but at half the Price! For starters????

  • SonicDave

    I know what it is. It is a multi-touch touchscreen mixer. At Presonus price point. and it will feature a special mapped window for StudioOne. And it will eat the Behringer unit for breakfast. And it shall be called Wonderful, Counselor.

    Umm. OK maybe not that last part. But it shall be mighty.

  • Steven

    96 k , tap for delay without going into the menu.

  • JD

    It’s a hardware DAW built with an Intel i486 66MHz DX2 processor, 16 MB RAM, and a 250 MB disk. If you’re lucky, it gets you 4 simultaneous mono audio tracks, 16 midi tracks, and 3-4 minutes of recording time.

    Yes, we’ve come a long way in 10 years.

  • Dave

    did anyone else notice the shape of the silhouette behind the ” to be unveiled 8-29-13″ looks like a studiolive so I would guess it has something to do with that line of products. I would bet a 24 and 16 channel AI board. Hopefully motorized faders and more inputs.

  • harvesttime

    Android control

  • BM


  • Yev

    A synth. As in, a physical analog synth, advanced software and DAW integration.

  • cl

    … and, while I’m wishing… its probably not a wireless digital input built into the board (since we have analog, and firewire, why not a digital RF input…. could be put in cheap, money would be made on selling the mic. & instrument) dongle/xmitrs

  • cl

    Well… Its probably NOT the Dante interface modification, nor the 8 channel studiolive $500 board….

  • Bill Denton

    Maybe the long awaited dedicated control surface for Studio One?

  • Dawgfude

    How about a dedicated midi controller/keyboard that is actually built by and for S1 users?! None of this maudio/protools, novation/ableton nonsense. Let’s partner up and get something going here! 😉

  • Jimbo

    Why not just get a Behringer X32 with the S16 stage boxes? It’s exactly what you’re talking about…..except without the FAT CHANNEL

  • jeff

    I bought the 16.4.2. and I wish I had the better EQ Like my buddies 24 …..but It is a workhorse I use it every weekend ….no problems ….

  • ryan reynolds

    It’s gotta be analog modeling on channels or at least the master

  • Bob DeMaa

    Multichannel Support with no limit on output configurations!

  • Hiandreas

    Most time I’m working on an Soundcraft Vi4, sometimes on Yamaha desks. I´m an certificated L-Acoustics Kiva, Kara System Operator and for bigger Venues we rent K1 or my company is using JBL VERTEC 4889. I´m using SMAART 7 for measurements and LAKE´s as main EQ´s. I think i know what “Good Stuff” is, and i tell you, i was shocked how wounderful this cheap 24CH Presonus desks preform! It looks funny and it isn’t “Jump and Run” but, this desk sound´s nice. PS: For Recording we use LWL MADI from the Vi4 Studer LocalRack, RME MADI-Face and….. 🙂 Studio One 🙂 Many greetings from Germany

  • WäreHaüs Recörding Stüdio,LLC

    Cool little video, from Tom Waits’ awesome album “Mule Variations”. Album recorded by Oz Fritz and Jacquire King. Song title “What’s He Building?”..Little FYI…we will jut have to wait and see what the folks @ Presonus unveils.

  • BiebersBrain

    I’ll drink to that!

  • Anthony Junior Ikenwa

    Daw control, software update for all studio live

  • john howard

    whatever it is i know it’s going to be good

  • Jim

    A new interface for the Studiolive boards, not relying on firewire.

  • andy

    Stable working drivers for audio interfaces would be fine!

  • BiebersBrain

    Those missing tires are leading me to believe there may be an in-dash version of the AudioBox. The AutoBox!


  • LaurynasG

    New audio interface maybe? 🙂 Replacing 1818VSL. 🙂

  • Santa’s Little Helper

    If I was a betting man, sounds like there are going to be some brand new colors. That old grey/silver and blue shit is getting old.

  • Pete

    Motorized SL-Console with Studio One integration, including a 25 to 88 expandable keyboord.

    Or simply a better Logic X.

  • Andrés

    Native Firestudio drivers for my Linux, maybe?

  • Bud Phillips

    Maybe another more expensive version of FIRESTUDIO Project that gets the “END of LIFE” death sentence as far as driver support for newer versions of MacOS … ??
    Thanks, but I’ve been suckered once too many times –

  • Jim Winder

    Whatever it is, I doubt that I’ll be able to afford it!!! Would love it to be a 24 channel for the price of my 16.4.2!!!

  • Michael Chainsaw

    Maybe first synth or sampler from Presonus? EQ or new compressor is boring xD

  • Clint Miller

    8 bus board w/ digital snake…

  • bveillon

    Studio One 3.0 obviously. with new ninja skills

  • Badness

    Ahhh HAH!!! It’s NOT software. Software has No warranty.

  • Jaime jurado

    Thunderbolt card for 32.4.2

  • Bob Spangler

    …And the “something unseen” is the vaporware actually becoming a physical product that is available for purchase! #UnveilPreSonus

  • Bob Spangler

    Betting on “AI” versions of the SL24 & 16, hopefully some card slot options including a digital snake, and updates to Universal Control, Capture, and Studio One… And maybe some actual concrete shipping dates for the new products announced @ NAMM.

  • We would be happy to. 🙂

  • Neigh, that’s not it.

  • Rob Morgan

    Oh and a variable slope HP filter would be very nice.

  • Dewey

    Horse and Buggy

  • Pierre


  • Pierre Schnehage

    Yes please… Rick said next year late… but maybe that’s what they were building in there… A CONTROL SURFACE! I don’t want to go to iPad… for a surface..

  • Josh B

    Major points for Tom Waits, if the song is any indication I’m sure the new product will allow mixing with an eye patch and a pegleg.

    Also, I have an x32 that I love, so please- win me over! Compete!

  • Rob Morgan

    I hope they are announcing that the new SL32 is becoming available finally. That would be enough to make me happy. If they add DAW integration/ motorized faders with out raising the price i will actually cry i would be so happy. Oh, add a digital snake and i will personally through a party and everyone will be invited. It will be the best day EVER!!!

  • TheSchmalz

    I’d be hoping for some sort of analog summing device to marry with the Studio Live boards.

    Also useful would be some 500-series gear. Like the front end of an ADL pre…

    More useful for most everyone else: a digital snake for use with the next revision of the SL boards.

  • Rob Morgan

    I have been using my SL24 for two years almost every day, even in 100+ degree weather in the summer with the sun shinning on it. Guess what? No problems. This thing is solid.

  • John Fiorello

    I like most of the guesses above, but I’m going to go with something similar to the iLive system that records/acts as a control surface/has integrated digital snake/monitoring like aviom system. All for less than $3k #disrupt


    Integrated notation support within Studio One plus Fat Recording plug in channel

  • Ruben

    A digital snake for the studiolive mixers would be awesome. That’s the only thing missing on the perfect board.

  • Baxilius

    Studio One 3.0

  • Hey! The secret-keeping is our job. What are you thinking of?

  • Thanks for staying tuned in! More soon.

  • Awesome! Post some pics of that workhorse for us!

  • It is all of these things except for being bake-able. Well, I guess you could bake it, but we recommend against that and it will certainly void your warranty.

  • Hey guys, I’m sorry if you have had bad experiences with your StudioLive boards. Please contact us here for support:

  • You will be able to get the news on other platforms after the announcement, and all of our Livestream shows are archived here:

  • Good guess.. but I’m afraid it’s bigger than that.

  • I can say this: It will be a PreSonus product. 🙂

  • Sadly, there is currently no known cure for NLS.

  • David

    Thunderbolt: 24/192 all channel i/o to DAW. Emulated Brittish EQ’s, compression on each channel. upgraded mic-pre’s. Mixing amp has a new circuit called “AIR” (not to be confused with the studios) that can be likened to removing a dirty window pane. WIFI lock link to iPad/Android for remote control. Tom Waits approved digital effects.


    He is building a 48 8 4

  • Freddy

    It damn well better be a digital snake/stage box connecting via Cat5e to a control surface w/ motorized faders, with iPad app as an alternative control surface capable of communicating directly with the stage box. So pretty much what another couple companies already have…but at a PreSonus price point. That’s what I’m sure hoping for! Seems way, way overdue to me…a stage box would be so easy for them I would think, just take basically a couple Firestudio Projects, put them in a single enclosure, make them communicate via Cat5 instead of firewire…and then 9 motorized faders like the FaderPort…boom, ultimate live sound solution (particularly if they do an ipad app as well.)

  • ben

    It’s a digital multicore, and additionally the possibility for long term users to upgrade their gear for it (e.g. replace the mainboard of a 2011 SL24)

  • Jack Tamul

    A stereo version of the old MXR Pitch Transposer with delays.

  • J-Shyne

    pleaseeeeeeee let it be the next version of studio one!!!!!!!!!

  • Kiran phalke

    An arpegggiator and some new instruments or improved instruments and S1 pro 2.6 free upgrade

  • John Mennen

    Analog Mixing Boards…..I wish!

  • Tom

    Control Surface????

  • Mats Nermark

    I think it is about upgrades to the other StudioLive consoles so they get the same features as the 32 channel desk.

    There may be a controller surface for Studio One.

    I can think of still one more thing but I will keep that a secret.

  • Keith

    A mixer/recorder that has video camera sound integration, video projection integration, in ear sends with break off personal mixers, and a coffee maker plus cup holder…oh yeah, coffee prrof too.

  • Mark Hunter

    I am actually quite happy with my copy of Studio One 2. It beats the other DAW’s that I used for years hands down. For simplicity and usability, you won’t find a DAW that does it better. Oh, and I think the instrument sections sound great.
    I will be closely watching to see what develops on the next couple days.

    I love a good cliffhanger!

  • Nikos M.

    HA! nice one 😛

  • Roland “NIGHTROCKER” Fuentes

    I own studio live #80. It’s done over 200 shows a year and has never let me down.
    Nuff said!

  • John Bennett

    An upgrade to motorized faders and a price reduction.

  • Kev tyler

    Decent 8ch mixer with six monitor sends all the gubbins and remote control via ipad no pc Required all in a 1 u rack


  • Mario

    …Oh yah! The name was Racture with DIGITAL/USB integration. Very good work “The Folks @ Presonus”!! It’s about time… 🙂

  • John Clark

    A cure for Naqvi leg syndrome?

  • Blake Norris

    Well it better be something that will stop the bleeding to Presonus that the Behringer X32 has caused Presonus…..LOL……

  • Mario

    It is definitely a double rackmountable StudioLive 24.8.2 that fits in a roadcase designed for “on-the-go” live and studio applications. What was the name again? umm, I think it was StudioLive Rapture… I think…lol

  • Denis Zlobin

    I will hate it in this case! 😀 I’ve just bought an upgrade for 2.5 Pro!

  • Dave

    Is it a Midas? Or Yamaha CL that would be cool..

  • tim

    or 1818 Q-MIX support …… yeah right

  • Lance Buchanon

    #unveilpresonus using Bluetooth/ wifi to send in ear monitors through iPhone app. From universal control / MacBook Pro. PLEASE :-)))

  • tim

    if its “unexpected ” , i’d hope its some sort of audiobox1818 or VSL enhancement , god do i hope

  • Jimmy Cummins

    Something tasty, something great, something sweet, that we can bake! Can’t wait!

  • Neal

    Im hoping a fix for the noise and Clicks on the VSL1818? a Firmware that will allow the Studio Live Boards to be uses as A/D converters on Playback…

  • Jannes

    Hear! Hear! I’ve had a lot of problems with my 16.0.2, problems that should be tackled in pre-release times…

  • Nikola Jeremic

    I sure hope it is Studio One Pro 3. 🙂

  • Jeff Krysiak

    A firmware update on all Studiolive’s that allows you to record each track feed direct to USB for better mix down’s after the show. No extra computer to bring – just your thumb drive!

  • Mike Stitsinger

    Studiolive with an analog section. Today is my 16.4.2’s 4th birthday.
    Solid since day one, actually just bounced a mix on it an hour ago.
    Whatever you do, make a new one with a similar footprint to the original,
    I had a custom desk built which I should send you a picture of.

  • Tim Lully

    This is torture. I could survive waterboarding easier than this. I will miss it. Please send me a link to on demand info. ASAP. Thanks.

  • Jimmy Foot

    I hope it is an invisible virtual maintenence person that could keep my Presonus system running properly without me having to spend half of my time working around problems! Some kind of stabilizer….that would emulate the dependability of my older analog gear that always worked as it sghould, but I have a feeling it’s just gonna be more gobbledegook that steals my musical creativity and turns it into more cyber time wasting and stress in the guise of a new, must have tool.