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Free Plug-ins for Studio One

Hey folks. If you tuned in to PreSonus LIVE today, you may have missed the download links for the free plugins we talked about. Here’s a handy list for you.

An archive of today’s show is visible here.

Note: all plugins are MacOS X and Windows 64-bit compatible and free!

  1. SoundFonts and beyond

    1. Beat Zampler SoundFonts

    2. Camel Audio Alchemy Player, CamelCrusher

  2. Simple FX

    1. Toneboosters EZ-Q, Time Machine

    2. Brainworx bx_Cleansweep, bx_solo

    3. FXPansion DCAM FreeComp

  3. Workhorse Instruments

    1. Sound Magic Piano One

  4. Guitar Stuff

    1. Studio Devil BVC

    2. Ignite Amps Collection

  5. Pro Synths

    1. Applied Acoustics AAS Player Swatches

    2. u-he Tyrell N6 2.0, Podolski

  6. Togu Audio Line

    1. TAL Audio Noisemaker

    2. TAL Audio Vocoder, Filter

  7. Melda

    1. MFreeEffects bundle
  • Hey Kevin, please submit a support ticket in your account and we will help you out. Thanks!

  • Kevin Murphy

    I have Studio One 4 Artist and I just bought the VST support for it, but I cannot figure out how to install it into my Studio One so I can use my VST’s. PLEASE HELP

  • Mark Kellam

    Some of these I already have but I can’t import them from my dll files into studio one 3? For instance the ignight amps and cabs. When I click the tab to download from within PS1-3 I get “packages”. I also see that the piano download is for windows? Does anybody know how I can get my existing vst dll’s into studio one 3? As is I have zip. I just downloaded and installed this and I can’t make a noise lol.

  • Sorry, I’m afraid Studio One 2 Artist doesn’t support VST plug-ins.

  • Patrick Smith

    Can these plugins be use in studio one 2 artist?

  • Very strange. Kindly submit a support ticket so we can look into this.

  • Ratin Rahman

    Looks like the only Fx i have with the word mix is Mixverb, am I missing a software package ? I remember i had more filters, but recently I did an upgrade.

  • Ratin Rahman

    Thank you very much , i will look for it

  • Yes, it’s in Artist. Studio One’s browser has a search function, click the magnifying glass in the top right and search for Mixtool. 🙂

  • Ratin Rahman

    I am not seeing mixtool plugin in my studio One 2 Artist version, but somebody on youtube mentioned its there on all version. Is it true?

  • Are you running the 64-bit version of Studio One? Note that these free plugins are 64- bit.

  • Hey there! From within Studio One, choose “Studio One Installation” and then “Install content from PreSonus User Account.” You will find the plug-ins there. Cheers!

  • Jay Kaufman

    I uploaded my studio one after resting my computer cause the audiobox driver keeps messing up. but now I don’t have all my plug-ins when I installed studio one everything is good but cant seem to download all plug-ins. please help!!