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Royal Teeth on the StudioLive Complete Solution

Louisiana’s own Royal Teeth recently had an incredible trip on the road this summer, and they brought their StudioLive with them… as well as some video cameras, iPhones, and positive attitudes.

Upon choosing the StudioLive, Royal Teeth didn’t just end up hauling a mixer around. The StudioLive provided Royal Teeth with a complete solution for all of their touring needs, including:

• Live mixing of their shows
• Multi-track recording of shows along the entire tour, via Capture 2
• Mixing and publication of live show recordings via Studio One 2.5
• Room analysis and tuning using StudioLive’s integrated Smaart Wizards
• Onstage personal monitoring via QMix
• Remote iPad mixing via StudioLive Remote
• Fan acquisition via Nimbit’s FanCheck.In.

ALL of these technologies are included with the StudioLive mixers. For more on the StudioLive series, visit:

Here’s a whole slew of six videos featuring Royal Teeth’s experience on the road with their StudioLive, its Smaart integration, QMix, and Nimbit. Big thanks to Royal Teeth for their support of the PreSonus brand; glad to have you kind folks on board!

  • Jim Richards

    Yup! We use our SL24 for small concert work and the bands love the sound they get in the house AND on stage. We record all the shows and tell the bands we can give them a live recording if they’d like to have one and, if they’ve had a great time on stage, they usually go for the recording.

    It DOES cost them extra for the mixdown time, but being we pull everything Post-EQ & Dynamics, a lot of the processing time is decreased, so it’s a fairly straight-forward mixdown. So the SL ‘system’ really allows a faster payback on your investment.

  • sparky

    why didn’t you record live and bring the recording back into the studiolive{ via firewire} and make your final mix and record it with the software??????

  • Mark Sparks

    I use my StudioLive for everything from recording sessions in my RV to festivals. The bands all love being able to leave the gig with a recording of their set. Keep up the great work Presonus!

  • Zakayo Shushu

    I don’t have any StudioLive,so I like to get it!

  • Ed Kuykendall

    Great marketing idea Presonus! These ads were very nicely done, they show the products in a useful way vs. pure salesmanship, and they turned me on to this terrific new group. I love this new music model! Naqvi’s a genius!

  • Bishop E. Grimsley

    Hi love the video., everything you are saying about the studio live is true. I have one myself and I love this board. I haven’t used the remote with an iPad yet as I don’t have an iPad but working on getting one can’t wait to use that feature! I have the studio one 2.5 great software very user friendly! Keep up the good work!


  • gabriel alejandro steola

    hola, soy de rosario(Argentina. soy guitarrista y compositor.grabo las maquetas”ideas ” de mis temas con una presonus audiobox.usb. queria saber si les interesa que les mande algunas de mis canciones,desde ya muchas gracias. atentamente gabriel