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Incredible photos from Kei Suzuki’s performance during Hatsune Miku in Kansai!

These just came to us from our fine dealers in Japan, MI7! Thanks, team!

The full story is linked below. It’s in Japanese, but Google Chrome has a great built-in translator.

  • Michael

    For me it was Abe Jun of The 39s 🙂 Though Mr .Suzuki is also a great keyboardist, and talented sound engineer as well!

  • Joshua

    He’s always been my idol. Suzuki Kei is the person I| Idolized in playing the keyboards

  • Michael

    Amazing!! I’ve always preferred The 39s to MKP39, but I love these backstage pictures. Would’ve never expected Suzuki-san to have a keyboard as well as the rest of his rig backstage, even though he was keyboardist for MKP39 as far back as the 2011 concert.

    I still don’t quite understand all the things he does behind-the-scenes. I can spot two Pro Tools sessions, so I’m guessing he’s in charge of keeping the band in sync. There’s an interesting segment about him in the 2012 concert Blu-Ray special disc, but I’m not very good at Japanese, so it’s hard for me to understand.

    Still, they do a great job. Thanks for the photos!