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PreSonus LIVE starring Briana Tyson and a TON of ADL series Preamps is up on YouTube

Hey! If you missed this incredible presentation, it’s no big deal. Because you can see it on YouTube. Or heck, just click that familiar little triangle-shaped “Play” button below.

We flew Briana in to Baton Rouge, assembled a killer band, and had them track a few songs using Rick’s monster rack of ADL 600 and ADL 700 preamps—because we can. EVERY channel of audio in this production was run through the ADLs.  How do you think it sounds?

  • Trond Skjemstad

    Poerful equipment 🙂 whish I had a ADL 700 – also nice voice of cource. from Norway here with Presonus 16.4.2 🙂

  • Gary Brun

    What a great voice….. love it!