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New YouTube Playlist: PreSonus 101

There’s no two ways around it: for the novice, audio is tricky business. Sometimes you just gotta get your file converted to MP3, or activate your DAW to even get rolling in the first place. I mean, you gotta crawl before you can deliberately manipulate phase cancellation to achieve psychoacoustically pseudo-surround sound on a 2.1 setup, after all.

With that in mind, we present the first set of  bite-sized, barely-a-minute, just-the-facts-ma’am set of seven videos in a growing series: PreSonus 101. Learn how to activate Studio One offline, route your headphone mix from the AudioBox 1818VSL, or export a stereo mixdown of your proto-hit from Studio One Artist.


  • kiran phalke

    Insome keyboards there is a switch for midi out and this can cause confusion as to why the midi is not being played.It happened with me when i was using Yamaha psr 630 keyboard as a MIDI.

  • kiran phalke

    Thanks we beginners require this type of short videos.Very nice videos.