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Josh Gilligan’s 95% PreSonus Recording

This just in from Josh Gilligan, who claims “95% of my album was tracked through XMAX preamplifiers,” among other things. The proof, as they say, is in the custard, so be sure to scroll down to hear his recordings for yourself.

“Hey, guys! I just wanted to let you all know that PreSonus is a central part of my home studio and production process. I’ve been a PreSonus user for years with the TubePre and Eureka, and now the Studiolive 16.0.2 and HP4. 95% of my album was tracked through XMAX preamplifiers and I would put their sonic integrity up against just about anything. Looking to go to an interface with an ADAT option soon, and I’ve got my eye on more PreSonus gear. Thank you guys so much. You really make it possible for independent musicians to make great sounding records on a budget and in tight spaces. I’ve shared with my friends and they love your gear as well. Listen to my record over on SoundCloud, I couldn’t have done it without PreSonus.”


-Josh Gilligan

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  • Sky Stambaugh

    I like your style. We should collaborate on something. Are you on Kompoz. I’m thinking I could do backing on one of your vocals, or viceversa. You can find me at skys3 on Soudcloud. I’m in the middle of recording my first album, but I do like you stuff. Whether we work together or not, keep it up.

  • Anthony

    I really like this guys music, and the recordings are so true and have a great feel to them when listening to them, I have always judged my favorite music by the feel and if it moved my ears , so many don’t, must be the commercial type or someone that does not have the feel for music doing the recording..theory..if you play live, and the people do not feel you…you weren’t there…feeling the music is everything..Great work my friend…