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Using the PreSonus 1818VSL With Auria: but no AC Connection!

So, this is really clever!   over at YouTube is using the PreSonus 1818VSL USB interface with his iPad running WaveMachine Labs Auria. He’s found a way to connect the 1818VSL to his iPad using a data card reader, of all things. iPad > Card Reader > 1818VSL. All of this stuff is running off the iPad’s battery.

At the time of writing, I don’t have any insights about what this will do to your iPad’s battery charge. Should you have the necessary components, give this a shot… but save often.

  • peterjade

    NOT working ANYMORE on iPads With lightning connector. Old plus adaoter don’t work,New with lightning gets rejected ” not approved” accessory , no way to fool iPad ( prior connect then use unconnected..!) since OS 7.04
    AURIA Matrix ( fine APP) needs multi i/o and midi…SYNC usb …Old iPad connector was already unfaithfull ( drops) with Prosonus 1818 It is NOW unusable( OS & lightning connector!.
    WORST They LIE about UPDATE for no HUB to iPad…NO HOPE.?

  • evan

    only the USB hub is running without external power. The presonus unit has its power adapter plug in, you can see the power adapter cord facing video in the back right of the unit where the power connection for the presonus is unit is. He is only saying that the iPad in the hub have no power the presonus device it does not run off of USB bus power and this person is not running it that way either I repeat, up in the top right you can see the electrical connection to the back of the presonus s unit

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  • Fostervf16

    You need To see this video too. Its about using auria and an 1818 Vsl as a live mixer.