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Rick’s Blog: Tricks with QMix

How do you avoid getting a call in the middle of a gig when you are using your iPhone to control QMix? Good question. I’ll show you this trick, as well as a neat way to handle your break music on the same iPhone or iPod Touch you that are using to control your monitor mix.

  • Jimmy Ennis

    Rick – this is prob highly unusual but I have a few fairly advanced questions to run by you that I haven’t seen addressed anywhere – we have purchased a 24.4.2 for our Chapel but I don’t think it (even 2 of them) will adequately cover out large contemporary service or our large traditional service. I understand a larger console is coming out and if there is as much improvement there as there was from the 16.4.2 then I’ll wait…please CALL 803-325-4039 at your convenience. Thanx, Jimmy