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Studio One Champions

Studio One is available in a number of versions: Artist, Producer, and Professional. In this video, longtime PreSonus advocate Byron Gaither breaks down not only why Studio One is right for you—but also WHICH Studio One is right for you. From bedroom producers to established rock stars, you’ve likely heard rumblings of people quitting their old DAW for PreSonus Studio One.

So, you should take a good look at this—we’ve got a version of Studio One in your size.

  • Shivam

    Lola, what a generous offer. I for one would love to have your input and will dsciuss how we the committee can utilize your talents and experience.Will definitely be in contact. Thank you for your response to our new venture!Ellen Kirouac

  • kiran phalke

    Hi Byron
    Can you really prove that the sound produced by studio one is best compare to others?
    I am a user of studio one pro 2.05. I have not done music on other DAWs. i have group here who do commercial recording buissiness. They are all stuck to nuendo and protools.They donot agree that there is anything better than nuendo and protools. Is there any comparitive table or something which can compare these two DAWs with presonus s1