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Importing & Exporting audio Using Pro Tools and Studio One

  • george orwell

    I’m in the market for a good DAW that won’t break my bank account, can record multiple tracks at once, and doesn’t require an engineering degree to operate. I currently use a cool program called MultiTrackStudio, which is fantastic, but — can only record one track at a time. Great for when I’m alone putting together demos of news songs for the band to learn, but can’t record with full band with multiple tracks simultaneously. I have pretty much narrowed it down to this Studio One program. If I recorded in our rehearsal room, and then took the tracks to a nearby studio to master on their ProTools set up with all their great outboard gear, is transferring the tracks from Studio One to ProTools easy to accomplish?

  • Great thanks a lot!

  • Sorry that this happened. This blog post is four years old, and since then we have stopped
    using Vimeo. Here is the link to watch the video on YouTube:

  • PRIVATE Video? How the hell are we supposed to view it then? Not even the Avid site does anything as ridiculous as this, all of the knowledge is freely available, Just another reason to use Pro Tools.

  • Aaron Adams

    I am having problem exporting my project out. I do as the video said but it says I have no files selected.

    it look like it should be easy to do. But it is not.