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PreSonus All Stars (Recorded, Mixed, Mastered, and Published within 20 minutes in Studio One)

day 2 all stars by PreSonus@NAMM

  • APR Studios

    I disagree entirely…

    I love the SL1642 in my studio. If you can be bothered to read through the schematics (any engineer will tell you that's a must if you want to get the most out of any desk) then you will understand just how amazing this little desk really is.

    I like S1, but am a logic user normally.

    Love the XMAX pre's, the channel inserts, FX, AUX's – man it's all there if you just know how to get it to work right!

    APR Studios

  • Sterling Mac

    Hey Rick, very nice production from the Reality of it being Recorded, Mixed, Mastered and Published within 20 minutes. It Really shows off the incredible Potential for the Presonus 24 and Studio One, especially with the VSL for Live Production. I plan to get this along with QSC's K Series Speakers for the ultimate Live Club gigging system. I wanted to just share with you that the Final Mix is Great with the Vocals really up front, but for me the drums and guitar seemed to get pushed back a wee bit to much, especially with this song, as the overall Vibe IS the Mix of the Rhythmic Pulse and vocals dancing together. Not a criticism, but just a Feedback Intention.
    Peace Bro, Keep on Rockin' in a Free World!!!

  • Anonymous

    Look in the blogs about the studiolive..Rick does a 3 part video strictly on the studiolive in the studio…. not bad stuff.

  • Anonymous

    Guys…all you are right about your opinion on the studiolive mixer…I also can`t find any studio recordings..not to mention the whole mix with this "thing" would be nice if someone tell us where we can find some solid demo recordings with this stuff.

  • Anonymous

    Ive been looking at many videos but i cant find the right answers…does this mixer have automated faders? and if you move one does it move in the software as well?

  • Anonymous

    All the promos i see of the StudioLive are for live purposes??? Why not more of it in the studio???

  • Anonymous

    I honestly feel more and more disappointed with StudioLive Mixer. To me its more Live than studio. All the features are definately good for Live performances, but they are not of good caliber for studio work. I've used it for both live and studio applications, and have to say, its just a big fancy looking interface when it comes to using it in the studio. Studio One is great, but the metering is a lot better in Cubase in my opinion. I do like the fact StudioOne can master, and easily detect Presonus gear. Cubase meters are a lot clearer to see if you are about to clip or are clipping. Maybe an update can be made to change that.