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New! StudioLive VSL

  • When I first saw this title New! StudioLive VSL | PreSonus Blog on google I just whent and bookmark it. Can you please send me the code for this script or please enlighten me in detail in relation to this script?

  • When I first saw this title New! StudioLive VSL | PreSonus Blog on google I just whent and bookmark it. Wow, wonderful blog layout! How long have you been blogging for? you make blogging look easy. The overall look of your website is wonderful, let alone the content!

  • Anonymous

    Dudes, VSL has been downloadable since early April! Go to the StudioLive product page and download the "Universal Control" that matches your OS. It's stated in the brackets that "VSL" is included. You have to register, but it's worth it. I've been using it for FOH for Battle of the Bands which has 5 and 8 band sets. It's helped me a lot and made my work flow a lot quicker. I use it with Capture also. If you do this, make sure you're computer can handle the processing. Amazing. Truly amazing. A lot easier and more fun to use than a PM5D or a LS9.

    – Anthony R.
    Event Center of SJSU

  • Anonymous

    When is VSL coming out? My 16.4.2 and I are eagerly awaiting the release. I'm even holding off purchasing an iPad until this VSL comes out and hear people say how they use it as remote controller.

  • Anonymous

    finally vsl is here where s the manual?
    suggestion there are some chaps on you tube making vidio instructions on how to use studio
    one software y not sub contract some of them to make instructional videos for such things some of them are pretty informative. it be a good idea to have a step by step video manual on everything presonus has it would be a huge undertaking but just like yamahas sound re-enforcement handbook it would be sought after with a vengence and would be worth its weight in gold. it would have to explain for ex. step by step instructions on how to use certain effects like what threshold is and how to use it and what ratio is and how to use it etc sort of an engineers bible so to speak on how to use presonus software and hardware. if you need to get a reference of what i mean check out yamaha's handbook.
    P.S. it would definatly help those of us who are beginners but it would benefit the pros also

  • Anonymous

    Hello, we are already in April, end of 1st quarter, and VSL not released yet. When will it be released? Same situation with the Windows 7 driver, not the beta version.

    Best regards,

  • Avanachte

    I want my VSL.

  • George Madison

    I see you have the VSL advertised on the front page of your site with an arrow to click. This says to me, "You can get it here…" but it doesn't lead to the download… Where can we download the VSL software?

  • ebbster

    Will this download be available sometime this week? Also, will the studio live introduce motorized faderes?

  • Gibbo – Sydney, Australia

    Am I drawing the right conclusions?

    Can you run a StudioLive at your FOH and run the VSL on the side of the stage as the Monitor mix??? Full Live solution from 1 mixer??? If so…. AMAZING!

    I've just realised you would need a looong firewire cable for this. So perhaps running VNC (or ARD on Mac) you could do this through a network or wireless… now my mind is boggling… walking around the stage with an iPad! Talking with the musos and tweaking monitor mixes using a VNC client on an iPad… I'm gonna go crazy with this!!

    Whoops! A backing singer just turned up to rehearsal late… don't need to run back to the mixer! I can activate, and fade in her channel from the iPad from the stage. – This is too much! I was already happy with the value of my 2 x 16.4.2s.

    One question now – will VSL recognise my 2 x 16.4.2's bussed together with firewire for full 32 channels of control?

  • Anonymous

    Rick when is this available? I can say that I will so love to have this soon I am running out of saved scene sets. I use my studiolive 16.4.2 in studio and live. It is fantastic. I have a faderport to do automation later. The great thing about this mixer is that I am ready to record without all the need of outboard gear. So many artists I've recorded have been impressed by the sure simplicity of the layout and ease of use. Recording setup is just sticking a mic in the right place… Level check or two, and we're off and recording. Tremendous time saver, great mixer!

  • Anonymous

    when will be possible download vsl

  • Jessie

    All the promos i see of the StudioLive are for live purposes??? Is it really a StudioLive Mixer? Why not more of it in the studio??? the only one I've seen is the one with Capture. Capture is OK, but for actual studio production it doesn't help me.

    I could of saved some money by just purchasing the two Firestudios. Since the mixer is all but a interface… Need more videos on its studio capabilities. It would be awesome if StudioLive can be integrated fully with StudioOne. Anyone else agree?

  • Anonymous

    Is there any application for this in the studio? Or let me guess, its just for Live applications…

  • Anonymous

    honestly feel more and more disappointed with StudioLive Mixer. To me its more Live than studio. All the features are definately good for Live performances, but they are not of good caliber for studio work. I've used it for both live and studio applications, and have to say, its just a big fancy looking interface when it comes to using it in the studio. Studio One is great, but the metering is a lot better in Cubase in my opinion. I do like the fact StudioOne can master, and easily detect Presonus gear. Cubase meters are a lot clearer to see if you are about to clip or are clipping. Maybe an update can be made to change that.

  • Anonymous

    Just got my Studiolive yesterday…wish I hadn't had to go on duty or I would've messed with it all day. And now NEW software too!!! May the Gods of attractive mates, perfect children and, never empty wallets bless all of you. You are truly innovators. Now back to work!! I need to be able to mix from the bar as soon as possible.

  • Anonymous

    Cost effective product? This is TOP!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Is it mac, pc or both

  • Anonymous

    Nice job Guys

  • Anonymous

    ALBA PRODUCTION STUDIOS IN MONTREAL Qc Awesome work Presonus!!! I couldnt be happier that I two 16.4.2, and can't wait till you release the VSL software can u tell us when the reales will be.

  • Anonymous

    This is great. So, what if I want to mix a show wirelessly using a laptop/tablet with this VSL installed and a studio live mixer? Would this be possible? If yes, what are the components needed and how they will be connected? I'm definitely getting a Studiolive this year just as soon as I can come up with the money.. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Any chance of getting a "BETA" version prior to release?

  • Renniz

    This is such a big deal because now it is a control surface. The StudioLive is fast becoming real competition for digital FOH/Monitor systems for us who do not have $25-50K to spend. The graphical representation of the fat channel eq is outstanding. The save and recall assignment is fast and easy. I am very impressed with the development of this platform and all the new features in each firmware update.

  • Anonymous

    Awesome work Presonus!!! I couldnt be happier that I chose the 16.4.2, and can't wait till you release the VSL software.

  • Anonymous

    When can we download?