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Birthday Jam!

We traveled down to New Orleans the other day to celebrate my good friend Jerry Henderson’s birthday and decided to bring along a StudioLive. Check it out!

  • Anonymous

    thats awsome love the studiolive
    whats the song at 5:26?

  • Anonymous

    Rick the final mix sounds awesome!!!!!!! Dude u really captured the vibe. If u don't mind me asking what was in jerry's bass chain? All this from Studio One?????? Wow!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    lmao….chicken wings?…and Kool Aid? …funny stuff man….I'm lovin my StudioLive bro….keep up the awesome work….and btw…you're not so bad on guitar either! StudioLive ROCKS!

  • ricknaqvi

    It was a really great night. Jerry bought a bunch of chicken wings and kool-aid for everybody and we just hung out and played music until the late hours. One of those nights that reminds you why you do this in the first place.

  • Pedro Mendes

    Happy birthday
    What a Jam!
    Abraço from Faro, South Portugal

    Pedro Mendes

  • Beautiful Beast

    Hi Rick,

    Right on! Hope Jerry enjoyed himself there. Nice recording, great vocalists, crappy guitar player (just kidding man)!

    BTW: did you win that award for the Studio Live already?

    Beautiful Beast

  • Anonymous

    who needs birthday cake when you got jam!

  • ricknaqvi

    I actually mixed this in StudioOne.

  • Mvanhemert

    Hi Rick,

    I own the studiolive for 3 weeks now and i'm loving it !!! Did you mix down the jam session on the studiolive or did you use a DAW. I'm going to test the Studio One software. Too bad there's no rebate on this software with the studiolive.

    Maurice, The Netherlands