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Using the StudioLive in the Studio

Here’s a look at a typical recording session in a studio using the StudioLive as my interface as well as sending headphone mixes to an entire band.


    Problem StudioLive/Laptop HP dv7 with Windows 7


    Problem with Wndows 7 / StudioLive

  • scott of the forest

    I teach recording engineering in our music dept. at VIU on Vancouver Island. We finally got funding to upgrade our old analog board to two SLs which are being shipped right now and will be daisy chained for 32 mic pres. I'll have a matter of days to install and learn SL before I begin teaching with it, interfaced with SONAR! Your tutorials are excellent and helping to calm my nerves. We'll also be dragging the units next door to our theatre to record live shows. Can't wait! Anyone want a deal on an old analog console?

  • Anonymous

    Rick – Outstanding presentation for a much needed product. I will be upgrading at the end of the year from a Mackie Board and Motu Ultralite system into the Presonus Studio Live. I am using Logic 8 for my DAW and believe that you may even have a few tutorials on the interface? Suggestion – the more video tutorials you have in either Cubase, Sonar or Logic the easier you make it for musicians to integrate and purchase/upgrade the technology. Thanks for the insight into your studio. Top notch brother!

    Mark R.
    Chicago, IL

  • Anonymous

    Hey guys
    Just got my desk !!! frikken awesome !!!. One thing, I thought I'd still be able to use a usb midi keyboard. Is that not the case .. do I still need a midi card ?
    Thank you

  • Ben

    Hi Rick! Awesome tutorials!!
    I just picked up the Studiolive, and I am really loving it! It's just an amazing piece!
    I just have one problem…while I'm listening to the audio, it sounds great; however, when i play it back through capture, it picks up alot of 'clicking' sounds. None of the channels are peaking at all. Can you help? Thank you so much!

  • Anonymous

    Rick, can you use the Subgroups as part of an FX chain. Without routing the Subgroup to mains; in other words can I have a channel route to the Subgroup and Mains, but not route the subgroup to mains – in affect making the subgroup much the same as a Aux? Have that route to a FX unit and back into the Effects Rtns ?

  • ricknaqvi

    We are shipping about 50 mixers to Europe this month. We have already shipped about 500 in the US. If you are in the US and can’t find one, please email us at and we’ll find one for you.

  • Anonymous

    How about drivers in under 2 years?

    Read the response.

  • Richie Allen

    Just curious-

    Very few retailers (I don’t know of any) have this in stock. They’re all saying they’re taking pre-orders. I thought this was shipping back in January. When will it actually ship?

  • Anonymous

    Hi Rick,
    Thanks for this video. Cool to see the SL deliver in a studio too! From the block diagram (PreSonus website) I tried to work out how TalkBack feeds into the outputs. Is it really bypassing EQ&DYN on the Main and Aux outputs?? The block diagram also puts EQ&DYN on the EFX sends before the DSP, where an earlier video suggested it to be the other way around. I can see advantages in both options, so which option did you pick? And I can't wait to see how the graphic equalizer will be implemented. That really is the one piece of kit I would have added to the rack to complete the FOH processing. Thanks for putting it back in! 🙂
    Cheers, Rens

  • Anonymous

    Wow really great Rick & team. This has me completely hooked. Best presentation of any mixer I have seen. I cannot wait until I have my own, how soon before we start to see this in European stores? Can and are the European stores start taking pre-orders ?

  • I Play With Sticks

    Very nice… thank you for doing this.