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Opening the StudioLive!

Here’s a video we did at NAMM when we got the very first StudioLive hot off of the production line.

  • Juergen

    Would it be possible to add a chorus to the effect section? In my current equipment I'm using a little bit of chorus for playbacks to soften them a little bit and to put the audience which is sitting outside the stereo area into a little "sound cloud" nevertheless.

  • REAL

    I have a person that is now manufacturing cases for the studio live. See the pics in the forum under “case options”.

  • Anonymous

    Since there are no physical inserts on the L-R Mains, what is the best way to insert a device such as BBE Sonic Maximizer on L-R Mains?

  • Anonymous

    Any progress in a transport anvil or SKB case? Or suggestions? I found a Gator bag, but it’s way too big and doesn’t feel like it’s protecting it at all. I already have a few scratches.

    We’re giggin’ with it and it’s just great to work with. All band members now have separate monitor mixes! Awesome! The post production is fun too.

  • Anonymous

    I am a sound room engineer for a church out on the Aleutian Chain in Alaska and after 3 separate backorder extension emails am expecting the board to ship from Musician’s Friend on the 7th of March. Seems the demand for this product is pretty high, I am eager to get my hands on this board.

  • Anonymous

    WOW! I have waited over a year for this day. I have been a customer of Brad Every's at Sweetwater for years now. I have a small project studio on Maui.

    Within 30 minutes of opening the box I had recabled everything from my Digistudio 26×26, Digimax, Eureka, DBX Driverack (PA), Multiple compressors, Lexicon Reverb, ADAM 7, SubWoofer, Central station and headphone amp.

    I read the one page to install on Mac OS X. I then went to the next page and followed the step by step setup for setting up the StudioLive to work in LogicPro.

    40 Minutes now from opening the box the band I had scheduled to record was showing up. Without reading any more of the manual, I was able to setup everyone's input level's set Drums, Rhythm Guitar, Singer, Bass and Lead Guitar running to AUX 1&2 for head phone monitoring, just Like Anthony R. At first I did it dry, then I realized I wanted the band to hear the Compressors and limiters so I went POST adjusted the faders to get the benefit of the Fat Channel in the Monitors going through the Aux's. I opened Logic and routed the outputs to 16-17 2ch. for play back from Logic for the control room. Within 1 hour we were recording into Logic with no problems. I was pretty stressed that I would choke, trying a new unit out on a recording session with no prior experience is not suggested but I had waited a year so I went for it. The StudioLive was everything I had hoped for. It just work. The band asked for Reverb on the vocals, I was so stressed I said maybe on Thursdays session, I didn't want to overload my brain. By there second song I had a second to read one paragraph on the internal effects and I read how to routing them to the AUX's. I hit page down once on the menu screen I turn the dial to have an arrow pointing down on AUX 1&2 and then I hit the mix button and brought up reverb on track 9 the singer and everyone looked over in the middle of the recording and smiled!

    After 4 hours of recording and listening back WOW. The only issue we had was trying to get a good balance for the different players in there headphone. In the next session I will have 2 headphone mixes to solve this problem Aux 3&4 very easy just didn't stop the flow to add the 2 cables.

    At the end of the night before I shut down. I read a paragraph on how to save the scene so that I wouldn't loose all of the settings I had been tweaking throughout the night. Simple I Named and saved the scene and shut down the system.

    Random Thoughts

    If you can think it, you can route it.

    Very stable not one glitch on day one with 4 hours of recording and play back.

    Compressor Limiters Work! The singer was inexperienced at recording and was turning her head all over the place. Comp and Lmt helped to get a little bit of balance.

    SIMPLE! Don't let the looks fool you. I have been in airplane cockpits with less buttons, but I only used the manual to install the drivers, add effects to the Aux Out and save a scene. Everything else felt natural or was very intuitive.

    My next steps will be to learn how to recall Fat Channel Presets and try out all of the effects after that, I think I have everything else figured out.

    David Maui Hawaii

  • Anonymous

    So is there any thing you want/recommend in the rack with Studio Live?
    Drive Rack, EQ with feedback protection, vocal processor, additional effects…..what would you add?

  • Anonymous

    Hey Rick!

    We just did our first recording with this. The band loves it! Very transparent pres for all instruments. We used the auxes for independent monitor mixes and worked out very well. I was looking though the manual I couldn’t find anything about sending the FX to the monitors. Is that possible? Also, I had a difficult time sending anything to my headphones via the jack on the front of the board. I tried soloing channels and pressing the solo on the headphone section, but no response. Please advise. Otherwise, great board!

    Anthony R.
    San Jose, Ca

  • Anonymous

    Hey Rick will you be able to run other Presonus Firewire devices with it to add additional I/O?

  • ricknaqvi

    We are actually sourcing a few different cases right now. I believe SKB has one that you can buy and configure the foam to fit. I’m sorry I don’t have a model number. However, we are working on having a case company create a custom flight case for the StudioLive. I hope to have some info on this soon.

    Glad you got your StudioLive and are loving it!! Thanks for your patience in waiting so long for it.

  • Anonymous

    Hey Rick!
    I finally got mine yesterday (2/10/2009) from Musicians Friend! I didn’t get the pink foam, but things came out okay. WOW! Awesome pres! Very clean and a lot of headroom. I tried out my Sm57s, Sm and Beta 58s, Beat 87, Beta 52A, 3035, and a bunch more. They all sound like the way the manufactures should have wanted them to sound! The FAT Channel is so intuitive and is truly a masterpiece. Everything feels solid. I usually like a like a little more resistance on the faders, but it still feels great. I had a little problem syncing with CAPTURE, however I found the problem was that I got a defective Firewire cable with the shipment. I just got another one and found CAPTURE to be the easiest recording software and with the SL as a DAW . . . just WOW! I’ll be doing our first worship with it the Saturday and I’ll let you know what happens. Now to find a road case . . . any suggestions other than the Mighty Rig? I don’t want to rack it. The sides are too pretty. Yeah, that plastic bag is on there pretty good!

    PS – Thanks for keeping us informed and on our toes about this baby. It was worth the wait!

    Anthony R.
    San Jose, CA

  • Anonymous

    Can’t wait I’m now 4th on the list after the first batch was sent out from Sweetwater. Please send them more!!!! Just kidding, I know they will be sent when there ready.
    Congratulations Rick you guys did it!!! looks great. David