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Demo of StudioLive at All Pro Sound

Here’s my first demo with the StudioLive 1642 to one of our dealers in Pensacola, All Pro Sound. (This was shot on my birthday, October 28. Kind of a drag to be working on your birthday. But at least we got to eat sushi that night in Pensacola.) As we get going through the next several weeks, I’ll be doing more detailed demo’s for you folks in my studio. But hopefully this will serve as a good overview of the main features.

  • I never thought I would agree with this option.

  • Anonymous

    How would I set the FOH output from the board, going into a DBX Drive Rack. Fully clockwise? or should I turn it back some?

  • Anonymous

    HI, I wanna ask which is the way you connect PC & StudioLive to get playback from the sequencer software (Capture as well as Cubase, Logic, Fruity, ecc…)on separate tracks when you mixdown.
    Did you get choices in setting the output busses on the audio track in the program?

  • Scorpiohitmaker

    I would like to know how this thing sounds. How does it compare to my Apogee Ensemble?

  • Jon

    What is the work flow in regards to mastering a final mix if you are using an app like Logic Pro ? Would you create mix using real faders with the apps faders in automation mode? I guess what I want to know is how does the firewire return to boards faders interface with the apps faders and automation and how do I master final mix if I am using the Studio Pro’s effects processing? Would you use the SPIDIF output for such a task?… Do I need another recorder to master too?

  • ricknaqvi

    Jason, here’s the beauty: the board is not dependent AT ALL on the computer for any type of processing while you are recording. So you can apply compression, limiting, eq and gates to each of your inputs, plus group channels and apply the Fat Channel to the group, plus add in two FX processors, yada yada yada and you have not TOUCHED the CPU on your computer except to track 18 tracks (16 channels + a stereo track). You are only using the computer as a big tape machine. If you mix down using the StudioLive (like I’ll be doing later this week), you will have compressors, gates and EQ’s on every channel, two 24 bit effects processors, plus any analog outboard gear you want to patch in and again, you have not used your computer at all for anything except playing back 18 tracks! You don’t need much computer CPU to do this.

  • Anonymous

    hey rick!

    i have a question regarding the console and cpu performance while recording . are all dynamics and processing and performance usuage totally dependent internally on the board when recording live and later mixing down or am i going to have to have a decent laptop to get decent results on cpu performance?

    when i buy this board, yes buy this board, i want my live recording sessions to have a lighter cpu load on my laptop than what i got now. right now im using the firestudio and cubase 4 studio .


  • ricknaqvi

    We are definitely going to make different size boards in the future. We are also looking into the possibility of daisy chaining two StudioLive boards for 32 inputs.

    Regarding FW800: The StudioLive uses FW400 however, it will be compatible with all of the new Macs that have FW800 only.

  • Anonymous

    Is there a 24 channel model in the future rick? or can u give more insight or maybe even a demo of the 2 consoles linked together for a 32 channel mixing/32 channel recording rig?
    That would be great!!

    By the way… are you planing on using FW800 soon?

    Thanx!! and congrats on a great company!!!

  • ricknaqvi

    Glad you liked the intro. I’ll be posting more later this week showing how the StudioLive worked for me on some gigs. THANKS!

  • suboptimized

    Thanks so much for posting these videos! I’ve been eagerly anticipating this product since I first heard about it when you were at Messe. After having not heard much about the StudioLive for awhile, I was starting to get disheartened, but this rocks! I’ve even more impressed now than I was before!