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Ampire & Ampire High Density Pack Demo with Bobby Burnette of Wasted Creation

Bobby Burnette of New Orleans progressive deathcore band, Wasted Creation performs a guitar playthrough of their song “Asmodeus” at River City Studio here at PreSonus HQ in Baton Rouge.


This session was tracked in Studio One Professional through the Revelator io24 audio interface. All guitar and bass tones are straight from Ampire, our guitar amplifier, cabinet, and pedal emulation plug-in. Some sounds and models featured were from the Ampire High-Density Pack expansion for Ampire.

*The original recording of “Asmodeus”, and this playthrough were both recorded, mixed, and mastered by PreSonus’ very own Product Manager, Kyle Eroche.


Here is a breakdown of the presets used in this track. Provided by the engineer of this track, Kyle Eroche.

Wasted Creation Ampire Presets. Click to zoom

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*Ampire High Density Pack required to use these presets.
WC Lead
  • Amp: Gazoline Emc2 (High Density Pack Only)
  • Cab: 4×12 Gazoline (High Density Pack Only)
  • Pedals:
    • Pre: Demolition Drive (High Density Pack Only)
    • Post: Reverb > Delay
WC Mod Clean
  • Amp: Blackface Twin
  • Pedals:
    • Pre: Compressor
    • Post:PAE Chorus 1 > Space Reverb (High Density Pack Only)
  • Cab: 2×12 Blackface
WC High Gain Rhythm 
  • Amp: Metal Machine+ (High Density Pack Only)
  • Pedals: Gate > Demolition Drive (High Density Pack Only)
  • Cab: 4×12 American
WC Bass
  • Amp: STV
  • Cab: 8×10 STV


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