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Notion 6.8.1 Now Available

Notion 6.8.1 Maintenance Release

Notion 6.8.1 Build 18093 is now available, adding compatibility with the updated Score Editor of Studio One 5.2. It also includes a number of fixes, most notably for: VST instruments; the video window; and how Notion groups rests automatically. Notion 6.8.1 is a free update for Notion 6 owners or PreSonus Sphere members, and it can be obtained by clicking “Check for Updates” within Notion, or downloading from your PreSonus Sphere or myPreSonus account.


Compatible with Studio One 5.2

Studio One 5.2 adds new functions to its score editor, including tablature, drum notation, and multiple voices. These items are supported when you send score data between Studio One 5.2 and Notion 6.8.1. To see more about Studio One 5 and its Score Editor, click here.

Studio One 5.2 Now Available!

New score elements that can be exchanged with Notion from Studio One 5.2:

  • Guitar tablature
  • Drum notation
  • Multiple voices on the same staff
  • Rest groupings improved when exchanging MIDI (not score data) between Studio One and Notion and vice versa

For a full guide to Studio One and Notion transfer, see User Guide (Chapter 15.7)



  • Automatic rest groupings improved for MIDI import, Realtime MIDI record, Studio One import, and Fill with Rests tool
  • MusicXML import of verse information from Sibelius improved


  • [Win] Improved VST plug-in compatibility (for example with Best Service Engine)
  • Hitpoints now show as expected if there is a video offset time
  • Slash chord playback of enharmonic chords e.g. G#, D#, E#, A# now sounds as expected
  • [Win] Improved drawn line in handwriting
  • Issue fixed with cross-staff beamed triplets that have glissandi
  • Final barline no longer breaks multi-measure rest
  • Fixed crash when cross-staff beaming the first pitch of the first chord of a tuplet
  • [macOS] Can now select single note of a chord as expected, after the note start has been dragged forward over the barline in sequencer staff/overlay
  • [Win] Layout now updates immediately on releasing a layout handle drag
  • Staccatissimo now toggles with keyboard shortcut as expected
  • Fix for occasional issue when changing guitar tab numbers
  • Shown ranges for Viola (Section), Cello (Section) and Bass (Section) have been corrected
  • [Win] Fix for issue with selected printer drivers that lead to overlong measure lines when printing a single instrument


  • Guitar Pro files removed as acceptable import formats in import dialog (MusicXML is now the preferred route for bringing in GP files)
  • Soundcloud API is no longer called if previously enabled in an older version of Notion that supported it