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EarthMoments Presents: Indian Street Drummers – Indian Percussion

[This guest blog post comes to us from EarthMoments.]

Street style: ecstatic South Indian ceremonial drumming, and raw and primal beats from the gullies of South India. This is a wildly unconventional bundle now made accessible to producers worldwide.

EarthMoments’ collection – Indian Street Drummers – Indian Percussion – showcases the heart and soul of the streets of India with the original, largely undocumented sounds of Tapattam street drummers.

This tradition of Tapattam drumming was traditionally practiced at funeral processions by communities that were considered the ‘untouchables’ of Indian society. Today, the Tapattam art form is a part of many religious and sacred temple festivals, and lends itself to contemporary perspectives with its timeless tribal trance rhythms, that brings roots to the dance floor.
The mystic power of this drum is used to convey a range of emotions – from sorrow and anger, to happiness and ecstasy, connecting the material world of the player to his/her spiritual world. Recorded at different BPMs with a complex selection of tempos and rhythms to choose from, the bundle provides a starkly hypnotic library of otherworldly percussion – guaranteed to inspire.

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