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PreSonus Weekend Rundown

It’s been a busy week. Let’s rehash the important stuff you may have missed.

This is a fun one going on with our friends at Splice. Mix “Nobody’s Gonna Love You” into a radio-ready track to win hardware and software from us, the Mixing University course from Recording Revolution, an Eyeball microphone cover, and a call with Briana Tyson.

Here’s how it works:
Click the photo to the right to visit Splice and download the project files and stems.
Once all the mixes are in, Graham from Recording Revolution will listen through the mixes and choose the one he thinks is radio ready to win his premiere mixing course Mixing University, a pair of Eris E66 Monitors and a copy of Studio One 4 Professional, an Eyeball microphone cover from Kaotica, a video call with Briana Tyson, and consideration from Briana Tyson for official release! You have until May 13th to submit your song. Winner announced June 10th.





We launched Spark Collections!

This is another fun one… Scoop up a whole crate of these loops for less than $5!

These low-priced loop packs are a great place to start making music for less. These professional, royalty-free tracks are a great source of inspiration for starting a new song, learning how to mix, or adding a little flavor to your existing compositions.
Everything from trap, reggae, pop, and sound FX are available in the Spark Collections – for just $4.95 USD each!
Spark Collections are also available in bundles with prices starting at less than $10 USD. Here’s a few titles up for grabs right in the PreSonus Shop!
  • Guitar Bundle Vol. 1 & 2
  • Feel Good Music Bundle
  • Make ’em Dance Bundle

ATOM Sound On Sound review!

Sound On Sound says, “The Atom is a little powerhouse of pad‑oriented control,” in their latest review online now!

They go on to say:

“Being made by a DAW company gives it that deep integration with Studio One that’s very enticing. It creates an easy workflow and the secure and uncommon feeling that it just works. The compact size is a definite advantage — you can whip it out when you want to use it and it’s not going to take up an annoying amount of space on your desk. And yet they’ve managed to squeeze in enough functionality to keep your hands off the mouse and your fingers on the pads.”

Read their full review HERE!

 Justin Lassen Presents Black Fox Society: Abstract

Click here to learn more!

A complex international network of hidden operatives have shaped history for centuries. The rise and fall of individuals, governments, and nations is carefully calculated. They control the media. They control industry. They control you.
Now, for the first time, critically acclaimed sound designer Justin Lassen is pulling back the veil and uncovering their dark and powerful underworld. ALL ON SALE FOR LESS THAN $50 USD!
  • Compatible with Studio One Prime, Artist, and Professional (Versions 3.5.5 and higher)
  • 13 ATOM / Impact XT Kits (Studio One 4 Artist and Professional only)
  • 50 Ambient Loops (654MB, 1.6GB uncompressed)
  • 65 Instrumental Layers (251MB, 571MB uncompressed)
  • 310 Industrial Beat Layers (498MB, 1.33GB uncompressed)
  • 483 One-Shots (202MB)
  • 1.6 GB (3.7 GB uncompressed)




Latest video from our pal Phil Joel!

Former Newsboy and current front man for the band Zealand and all around great, cool, rad guy Phil Joel recently stopped by the PreSonus headquarters for a quick interview. Hear what he has to say about his life on the road, his Quantum and Eris MTM Monitors here: