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Powerhouse Producer Sak Pase Chooses Studio One for New EP

The Audio Production Network just published an interview with top-shelf producer Sak Pase, AKA Sham Joseph, where he discusses his work on Jake Troth’s new EP, Double Black Diamond. Sak has production credits among several A-list artists, including but not limited to Kanye West, Jay-Z and Rhianna. 
For the Jake Troth project, Sak made the switch to Studio One 2.6 Professional. This EP is not Sak’s first rodeo—he’s used Pro Tools, Logic, and Cubase in the past, and seems to have settled on his weapon of choice. Sak says:
“Genuinely, the user interface is absolutely amazing; if you are a Logic user, the transition is so easy – there is no learning curve at all. I love how it sounds, and you can do some amazing thing with the editing of audio. It’s a very exciting program; whenever you have ideas, you can just shoot it open and there is a forum where you have all these ideas and you can see your ideas help shape the program, which is very interesting.”
Click here to read the interview in its entirety, where you can also learn a lot more about his tricks of the trade!