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Craig Anderton Likes the AudioBox 1818VSL, and So Will You!

I love that we get stuff like this from none other than Craig Anderton. My first memory of the guy is his seminal DIY book “Electronic Projects for Musicians,” of which I own a 1st-edition copy that was once a loaner at the Bellingham Public Library. It’s one of my favorite books.

That said, the point of this post is to discuss one of Craig’s shorter, lesser-known works, this adulatory slab of verbiage from Electronic Musician magazine.

Thanks much, Craig, for your help in flying the PreSonus flag. My favorite part is his take on our VSL technology:

“PreSonus claims “virtually latency-free monitoring,” and while this may get the skeptics’ attention, it’s true. As a result, there are three main applications. One is using the outs for cue mixes and monitoring with effects, which will make many musicians happy—especially the temperamental vocalists who want reverb, compression, and EQ in their cans.

Another application is live performance with laptop-based acts. You can process inputs on the way in to your DAW, and process outs going to the house; with the VSL mixer app and your DAW’s mixer, you don’t need external processors, mixers, or preamps. (Note that the 1818VSL comes bundled with Studio One Artist.)
The third application is recording with effects. Being able to apply limiting for live recordings is invaluable, but the effects are good enough that if you want to record with, say, compression on the bass, you won’t have to re-create the sound while mixing.”

Read the full review!