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Red13 Rocks The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee with the PreSonus StudioLive 24.4.2

[editor’s note: this e-mail comes to us from Mike at Red13 PA in the UK.]

Hi guys!

Here’s a couple of StudioLive 24.4.2 ” in the wild” pictures I thought you might like to see.  Red 13 PA (named after a Journey EP) is based here in the UK. This pic is of our rig at a festival for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee last weekend. At the end of the night we had around 1000 people going nuts in the marquee!

It was pretty straight forward really, we used our Presonus StudioLive 24.4.2 for the stage monitor mix and just hooked up 3 x D subs to give 24 sends straight into the main multicore running down to the FOH console. All stage inputs were EQed and run back through Lab Gruppen FP 10000 Q amps into HK’s flagship Contour series CT115 paired stage wedges.
We preferr to set up EQs via the iPad with PreSonus StudioLive Remote.  Our FOH rig is a HK Contour line array (up to 20K/Watt, but running at around 15 K/Watt on the day of show.)
I was speaking with Justin Spence at NAMM in January and he intimated that there are some exciting things coming through as far as [REDACTED] later this year (talk about great pre-sale!! ) …anyway, right now we’re holding fire on buying another console (been looking at the Yamaha CL1 / CL3’s ) in the hope that PreSonus are planning on launching a bigger console…. in which case you have at least one happy customer lined up to buy one here in UK 🙂
For this event, I would have been more than happy running the StudioLive 24.4.2 for FOH duties throughout the Jubilee concert, especially as it offers plenty of Aux mixes and more than enough FX. As we only had the two StudioLive consoles available on the day, we actually used our APB Dynasonics Spectra for FOH duties so that the PreSonus could undertake monitor duties which it did really well… and really easily. Putting the StudioLive 24.4.42 on monitor duties gave us more opportunity to have someone down at the stage end—something we don’t usually need to do for indoor events when we use our Presonus for FOH.  I’m so pleased with how it sounds and handles that I actually sold my Yamaha LS9/32 as a result.
We engineered for 8 bands that day. Headliners were The Great Pretender, a Queen tribute act, and before that was New 2  (a U2 tribute), both are highly regarded over here. The marquee reputedly holds 1000 and it was packed later in the day. We’ve had very complimentary feedback from all the bands involved and the organisers, especially regarding the sound quality on stage… and FOH as well.  One of the organisers has put his review on Facebook.
Thanks again Ryan, hope to hear form you again. All the best from UK!
Mike Smith