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Arsenal & Music Tech

Am at the Music Production Show in London today, which is being held in the rather bizarre environment of Arsenal Football Stadium. It’s kind of weird to look out the windows beside our booth and see an enormous soccer stadium standing empty. Was also pretty weird using the VIP parking area under the ground itself that is normally kept for visiting teams and managers, and have a guide to walk me around the staff areas of the place.

The show itself has been buzzing, met up with lots of PreSonus users and converted many more who weren’t beforehand. Good to see how many really happy users we have – and a big thank you to those that stopped by to say hello and hang out.

Also just got the latest issue of Music Tech magazine – which features a two page review of Studio One 2.0 and a one and a half page review of the new Audiobox 1818 VSL interface. Both products earned a solid 9 out of 10 stars, so I’m pretty happy about that. They described Studio One as “evolving into one of the best DAWs around” with “…brilliantly simple workflow” which works for me; though I’d say “evolving into the best DAW around” and forget this “one of…” nonsense 🙂   Still, a more than acceptable review, thank you Music Tech!