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Tech Talk Not Really Live

Rick and Justin and Quality

No, it’s not the zombie video again. Something we’ve been hyping lately is our Tech Talk Live series, which airs every Tuesday at 2pm CDT (19:00 GMT), broadcasting whatever (and from wherever)  cool ‘Sonus stuff is happening. It’s a stupendous opportunity to bask in the wisdom of luminaries like Brad Zell, Rick Naqvi, Justin Spence, and the occasional guest as they proffer up the shiniest dirt on all things PreSonus. Tune in and learn.

For those of you in Timmbucktwoistan or wherever, it’s possible that anytime PST isn’t exactly convenient. Know that all the past TTL videos are thoughtfully archived, and their Tzar’s wealth of knowledge can be accessed by you at any time.

Segundo: Our livecasts don’t quiiiite have the viewership we would like just now, and we want to up our view count! So, phone your dad and wake the neighbors! Tweet it out, Facebook message, rig up two-cans-and-a-string and pleasepleaseplease tell everyone you know to watch the next PreSonus Tech Talk Live. We will happily indulge your comments and questions, on-the-fly! Criticisms will be addressed begrudgingly.