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On the road (UK leg)

Haven’t been updating much in the past couple of weeks, because I’ve been on the road practically the entire time. Everyone wants to know more about Studio One 2.0 so I’ve been visiting some of our dealers in the North of England and Scotland training them in the new features of the software – big shoutout to the guys at Rubadub and GG Digital in Glasgow, and Soundware and Sounds Live in Newcastle. If you live up that way and need PreSonus gear, they are definitely the people to go to. Also been showing the new Audiobox VSL interfaces, which people seem to love (basically the guts of a StudioLive 1602 mixer in a rack at a great price, what’s not to like?).

For the past couple of days I’ve been attending the Computer Audio Expo at the rather fabulous Digital Village megastore in Romford, London. Did a one hour seminar on Studio One 2.0 in their lecture room yesterday. The large THUD sound emanating from the room was the sound of people’s jaws collectively hitting the floor when they saw what this thing can do. One guy came back to the show today to ask if he could use it with his Pro Tools hardware. When he found out that he couldn’t, he immediately priced up a StudioLive desk, Central Station, Studio Channel, FaderPort, and Studio One Professional and figured out it would be cheaper for him to buy all of those together than upgrade his current Pro Tools system – and he’d still have money left over if he sold his current rig second-hand. He’s currently trying to decide whether to spend the leftover cash on going on a very nice holiday or getting an ADL 600 preamp. So if you’re looking for a cheap Pro Tools HD system, I suggest you try later this evening, I suspect one may be appearing there very shortly…