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Studio One 2.6.2 Change List

December 26,2013

The Studio One 2.6.2 update includes the following features and fixes:

New features:

  • Support for Studio One Add-ons
  • The last ten autosaves are now automatically archived into the versions list
  • Optimized ARA data-saving to speed up autosave
  • “Remove unused files” command in the Pool now removes associated Melodyne data
  • The Activation window can accept email address instead of user name

Changes that correct previous problems:

  • Melodyne plays sound only inside of an audio part range
  • MIDI tempo import rounding error eliminated
  • Tempo info only writes as a Wave file on mixdown when this format is selected in Options
  • “Send to Sample One” slice order no longer inverted when sending from audio track
  • [Windows] Studio One window now always on top
  • [Mac OS X] Audio-device selection no longer lost after system reboot
  • [Mac OS X] Plug-in GUI stays on top of detached mixer
  • [Mac OS X] First drag from the browser now working
  • [Fat Channel plug-in] Improved visibility of parameter values

This update is free to registered Studio One 2 users.

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Posted by Steve Oppenheimer

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