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NAMM prep

January 12,2012

NAMM LogoIt’s been a busy couple of weeks here at PreSonus Central in Baton Rouge. We’ve got some really exciting things to show at NAMM next week, including an extremely cool new Studio One feature that I think people are going to love. I’ve been playing with it all week, working with Jonathan in Colorado and Thomas in Hamburg (Skype conferencing is a wonderful thing) to help scrape off the rough edges in time for release, and it’s been a ton of fun. So today I think I’m going to try to shoot a short video or two introducing it – hopefully we’ll have that edited in time for next week so you guys can check it out yourselves…

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STOP. NAMMertime!

January 12,2012

PreSonus Booth at NAMM 2012

Keep your crayons inside the lines, please.

It may be sunny California, but fact is we’ll be indoors. Deep inside the belly of the Great Colossus of Anaheimia, AKA The Anaheim Convention Center, AKA 800 West Katella Avenue. It’s NAMM time, see. Thursday to Sunday, 01/19/2012 – 01/22/2012, and we wish you could be there.

While many people endure NAMM’s sonic sturm and drang just to play “spot the aging hair-metallist,” (it’s easy) some folks are sincerely here for gear every year.  Such attendees will  have no trouble finding good ol’ PreSonus.  This year we’ve doubled our floorspace: we’ll be two-fistin’ it with a one-two, double-booth combo at booths 6800 and 6900.

While we can’t bring you with us, we ARE bringing new gear, cameras, and positive attitudes, and we’ll be thankful for you to join us in spirit and by Internet. But how? Well, that’s up to you, buddy, as we’re providing as many avenues of connectivity as possible. Options:

1. LiveStream. Paul’s going to be manning the switcher for the first 3 days of the show, fueled by a potent cocktail of caffeine and powerlust. All presentations, performances, and unrehearsed witticisms from the PreSonus stage will be live broadcast live via our LiveStream connection, which can be viewed live here.

All the while, Cave and I will be scurrying around the booth, camera and mic in tow, collecting artist interviews, new gear scoops, and who knows what else. We’ll get the data served up right to Paul, piping hot, who will add it to the video feed, almost live, keeping the content fresh in-between stage presentations. When the show closes at end-of-day, we will start the day’s feed over again for the nice folks who live on the other side of the planet.

2. Twitter. I’ve advanced-scheduled tweets announcing our booth events, so keep an eye out on our Twitter feed to be reminded of who will be presenting what, when.  Tweet us questions, you’ll get answers.

3. Facebook. We will be using Facebook for photos from the show floor, as well as new product announcements and details. Ask questions! We’ll be monitoring live throughout the show.

4. Vimeo/YouTube. We understand if you have other stuff going on, and can’t partake in the live broadcasts. After the show is over and we’re back home all cozy, footage will be uploaded to Vimeo and YouTube for your viewing pleasure.

5. Blog. You know it, you’re reading it. We’ll have daily post-game wrap-ups right about here. And keep an eye on our news page for important press releases…

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Contest announcement!
If you play your cards right, you could win a PreSonus AudioBox and a copy of our Studio One DAW for a song… literally! Our kind friends over at the Inside Home Recording podcast are celebrating their 100th episode with a songwriting contest. The winning entry will serve as IHR’s new theme song!

There are 3 prize packages, and all told every flavor of the AudioBox family and Studio One are represented. What are you waiting for?

Here’s the lawyer-placating official rules, and here’s the prize packages. GET SOME!

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Plugin Alliance

January 6,2012

The new Plugin Alliance websiteChecking out the new Plugin Alliance website this morning, and very happy to see some of my favourite Brainworx and SPL plugins are now available in 64-bit versions – and finally without the dreaded iLok!

Those of you into mastering really should check out the Brainworx M/S processing plugins – they are a very different approach to mastering but can achieve some really fine results in Studio One Pro. Highly recommended.

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NAMM rehearsals

January 4,2012

I’m sitting in a big room at PreSonus HQ in Baton Rouge, Louisiana watching the super-smart Jonathan Hillman juggle two StudioLive 24.4.2 desks, three computers and a jungle of cables while we set up rehearsals for what will be easily the biggest live show we’ve ever put on at NAMM. And we’ll be live streaming it too, if we can pull it all off…

The Cajun All-Stars are currently jamming on an old Tears for Fears song while we fine-tune stuff. I just programmed a Roland FC-300 MIDI foot pedal to control Ampire XT in Studio One and Chris LeBlanc is using that system as his entire guitar rig – and it sounds really good. Now I’ve got a KMI SoftStep on my desk and figuring out how we can integrate even more live control stuff with that… This is shaping up to be a killer show.

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Here’s a great drum cover of Adele’s “Someone Like You,” from drums4lifee over at YouTube. Recorded via a killer one-two PreSonus punch of the Studio Channel and a FireStudio Project!

Thanks man!

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Did you get any new gear for the new year? The kind folks over at TMRZoo.Com did, in the way of an AudioBox 22VSL, and subsequently smothered us with their particular brand of digital flattery.

“This compact recording powerhouse is also small enough to fit in the accessory pouch of my laptop bag. This allows me to easily record any of my rehearsal sessions or sessions at my local blues jam. All of this can be done without the use of AC power. Welcome to the future of recording!”

Interested in the full review?  Of course you are, click here.

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George Porter Jr. paid us a visit at PreSonus HQ in Baton Rouge recently. Now that the ink is dry on the contract, we can announce that he’s officially on-board as a PreSonus Artist!

For those out of the loop, George cut his teeth as the bassist for funk progenitors The Meters back in the mid-60′s, has stayed in the pocket for nigh on 45 years, and has remained in demand as a session musican for guys like—oh, I don’t know, pick one. How about PAUL MCCARTNEY.

Other artists copypasted from his website’s bio page include Jimmy Buffett, David Byrne, Patti LaBelle, Robbie Robertson, Tori Amos, and Taj Mahal. The man’s no joke.

We are lucky to have him. After a round of handshakes and high-fives, we sent George home with a FireStudio Project so he could record his 64th birthday show with his current project, The Runnin’ Pardners,  in New Orleans on Dec. 26. While PreSonus gear may always seem like a cool birthday present, having George in our corner is really the better end of the deal. :)

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We, and our advocates, make a lotta to-do about the audio quality inherent in our products. After all, every weensy component choice in the guts of our gear begets some sonic consequence, so such engineering decisions are not made lightly. Serious business. We’re proud.

But look-see. Fact is that aural clarity is not all we have going for us. Until we produced the video linked below, I feel that the straight-up toughness of our brand may have gone a bit understated. Yeah, an AudioBox is all pretty-boy brushed chrome with azure-blue mascara. But when we let a rajun cajun take a shot at curbstomping the ol’ AudioBox USB, he couldn’t put a ding in it. And when he failed, we let Optimus Prime have a stab at it to similar (lack of) effect.


The AudioBox USB still worked great after all this.

Depiction of such misuse should not be construed as advocacy. BUTOMGIT’SSOFUN

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At PreSonus, we believe in finding the right person for the job, which is why we leave it to Rodney Orpheus to blow minds. That’s what he’s paid to do, after all, but “mind-blower” isn’t the most flattering title to have on a business card, so we call him a “Technology Evangelist.” I would prefer to call him a “Cyber-Paladin,” but doing so would place me just to the left of my jurisdiction, and just to the right of Rodney’s favor.

So here he is, evangelizing our technology in the best worms-eye-view, hands-on, golly-it’s-really-that-easy demonstration of StudioLive Remote on the iPad that I’ve ever seen. Rodney gallantly sojourns across The Scala, effortlessly slaying a 330Hz  resonance dragon with one hand, while stoically rescuing the bassist’s monitor mix with the other. Raise a glass of Romulan grog, for the hero has restored order to the kingdom!

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