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PreSonus and Sound On Sound join forces for “From Riff to Release” UK Roadshow

PreSonus Audio Electronics and Sound On Sound magazine have come together to stage a series of 3 free events in the UK this October. Entitled “From Riff to Release”, each event will show the audience how an artist can take a song from initial concept right through to commercial release.

To show how it’s done, PreSonus’s own Rick Naqvi, Mark Williams and Rodney Orpheus will team up with UK songwriter Leroy Buckley and demonstrate how Leroy writes a song, does a virtual soundcheck, performs the song live, creates a multitrack recording and then mixes and masters it before releasing it for sale and promoting it.

Sound On Sound’s own editor and guru Paul White will also be on hand to introduce the evening and host a Q&A session on all aspects of the recording process, so this is a unique opportunity for anyone interested in finding out more about songwriting, recording and live performance.

Visitors will get to see a number of key PreSonus products in action – including the best-selling StudioLive digital mixers and the award-winning Studio One DAW, and PreSonus will also be giving away an AudioBox Studio recording bundle at each event.

Dates/locations are as follows:

Tuesday October 9th
Alchemea College, The Windsor Centre, Windsor Street, London N1 8QG

Wednesday October 10th
Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA), Mount Street, Liverpool, L1 9HF

Thursday October 11th
La Cheetah Club at Max’s Bar, 72 Queen Street, Glasgow, G1 3BZ

Each event kicks off at 7pm, and the events are being co-ordinated by Source Distribution – the UK distributor for PreSonus products.

Entry is free but there is limited space at each event so please register in advance here:

For any queries please call Source Distribution on 020 8962 5080.

PreSonus Aritst L’Dia on Bass Launches New W’bsite on Internet

L’dia on Bass, the First Lady of Four Strings, brought the house down with her brand of hip-shaking, string-breaking thunder at our booth at MusikMesse. She recently launched a new website, and wanted to make sure that all the PreSonus fans out there knew about it!

L’dia on Bass is an enthusiastic Eureka and Studio One user, and we’re lucky to have her representing us. Check out her new site… she gives lessons, and you could learn a lot!




Video from PALMM!

This came in recently from Modular Display, our Philippine distributor, from the PALMM Asia show!

Hey guys! This is one of the top bassists in Philippines, playing in the PreSonus booth a the PALMM show, recorded live through the StudioLive 24.4.2 and Studio One.

StudioLive in the SafeHouse at the Olympic Games.

We just got a tremendous pat-on-the-back via e-mail from Marc “Thux” Theodosiou, who runs sound at the Oakley Safehouse. The Oakley Safehouse operates on an exceptionally clever premise. Olympic athletes are oft surrounded by paperazzi and fans, and it can all be overwhelming for someone who really needs to focus on the task at hand: proving to the world that they are the best at their chosen sport. The idea of the SafeHouse is to give athletes some respite from fame so they can focus on what really matters: The Games. PreSonus is playing a part in this endeavor, and Marc wrote us the following to shed some light on it to the public.
“I have been a long time PreSonus user—over 10 years now. Initially I used the mic preamps and then the recording interfaces, so I have always been familiar with the product line and its reliability and quality.
I am not as involved in live sound and recording as I used to be, my focus switched to specific events and customized set-ups for these events.
If you go to this link you can get a good insight into the Safehouse and why it is so critical to Oakley. I have worked with Oakley on their Beijing Safehouse, Vancouver Safehouse and now the London Safehouse—all have had different requirements and layouts.
I work closely with Cuan Petersen who puts the Safehouse together. He is the Safehouse Activator, my role covers all the technology in the Safehouse. So that includes IT, broadcast video, all audio requirements and sound design. In London we had a very large space in the London Design Museum, and the StudioLive formed the mixing and routing hub for all the sound.
I chose the PreSonus StudioLive for a number of key reasons: small form factor, enough inputs and outputs to cover the various music mixes including a Pioneer DJ system, live audio
from the sports broadcasts, and live Oakley presentations. The StudioLive has flexibility that allows me to mix both analog inputs and digital feeds via FireWire (which is fantastic) and of course it allowed me to create zone matrixes in the Safehouse, so we could have dedicated music mixes in some zones and dedicated live commentary for an event in other zones. “


Diggs Duke

Diggs Duke’s Got a New Record.

Diggs Duke

This just in from Diggs! He’s got a new EP out recorded entirely in Studio One. He says:

Hey, Guys. I’m really loving Studio One Pro 2. I’ve been bragging about it to anyone who will listen! I wanted to e-mail you and let you know that my new project has been released. It’s a short EP called “Mass Exodus” and it’s getting a lot of great reviews. Gilles Peterson even played the whole thing back to back on the BBC over the weekend.
Anyway, here is a link to the iTunes page that it’s available on and it’s also available on Bandcamp.
Hope you’re having a great day!

The Digital Age Live Rehearsal on a StudioLive 24.4.2


Check out the lush, lofty sounds of The Digital Age.

Former members of the David Crowder Band reformed after David parted ways and called the new band The Digital Age. Their new album, called “Rehearsals” was tracked live through a StudioLive 24.4.2 which handled not only recording, but also controlled in-ear monitoring mixes for each of the band members.

The song sounds great, the video looks great. Totally shareworthy, right?

Best wishes to the Digital Age crew down in Waco. Thanks for sharing this, guys!


Artist Relations Interviews Phil Antoniades from Nimbit!

PreSonus Artist Andrew Oye Scores for Monday Night Football—and you can hear it tonight!

This just in from PreSonus Artist Andrew Oye

Hey guys hope all is well.I just composed a featured piece of music for Monday Night Football,airing tonight!It’s the piece of music used to introduce the night’s matchup, and is an orchestral into rock piece with crowd chants… all done in Studio One of course!:)Tune in to Monday Night Football tonight to hear the tune live!



Using the PreSonus 1818VSL With Auria: but no AC Connection!

So, this is really clever!   over at YouTube is using the PreSonus 1818VSL USB interface with his iPad running WaveMachine Labs Auria. He’s found a way to connect the 1818VSL to his iPad using a data card reader, of all things. iPad > Card Reader > 1818VSL. All of this stuff is running off the iPad’s battery.

At the time of writing, I don’t have any insights about what this will do to your iPad’s battery charge. Should you have the necessary components, give this a shot… but save often.

Two New Nimbit Videos!

Nimbit’s Carl Jacobson takes us on a step-by-step stroll down Nimbit Avenue, explaining everything there is to see and do along the way. You can publish a song, or even an entire project, to a Facebook store via Nimbit’s integration into Studio One.

These first two vids explore Nimbit setup and your first upload/publication. Jump in! Nimbit is already blowing minds, and it’s only going to get better from here!