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It’s an Honor Just to be Nominated.

[ZOMG, we just got a great e-mail from The folks at PAR, letting us know that we were nominated so GET OVER THERE AND VOTE, #TeamPreSonus!]
Congratulations! PreSonus’ Studio One 2 and StudioLive 16.0.2 have been nominated for 2012 PAR Excellence Awards in the Digital Audio Workstations and Small Live Controllers/Mixers/Worksurfaces (Under $2,500) categories, respectively. August 2012 marks the PAR Excellence Awards’ re-introduction as a reader-voted program, presented by the Editors and Contributors of Pro Audio Review (PAR) magazine. 
Online voting on the list of nominees by PAR print and digital readers (subscribers only) will be open from the mail date of the August issue through Friday, November 16, 2012. PAR Excellence winners will be announced in the December issue of Pro Audio Review and simultaneously online at prosoundnetwork.comPAR’s shared website with sister publication, Pro Sound News.
Nominations for the 2012 PAR Excellence Awards were developed through the brain trust of PAR Editors and Contributors. Nominations were based on the “I want to own this” principle; gear selected should have a proven field track record, performed well via PAR’s “real world” review process, or — in the case of recently released products — have shown particular promise through demonstrations, beta-testing and among early adopters.

Swamp Grease Mixing Webinar: Thursday Aug. 15!

Click here to watch on Aug 15, 12 noon – 4 p.m. CST:

We’ve got another live Terence Higgins Music SWAMP GREASE show coming up! This time we’re going to take the incredibly hot tracks we recorded in the last webcast and mix them into a finished product. Get an incredible behind-the-scenes look at some incredible talent—and incredible software: PreSonus Studio One. 🙂

Click here to watch on Aug 15, 2-4 p.m. CST:

PreSonus and Electro-Harmonix

Hot off the Final Cut Pro, we’ve got a few more videos from the Summer NAMM show floor! First up is a look at Electro-Harmonix’s latest offerings. Mike from EHX bends your ear, while Ryan contemplates his gear hoarding problem whilst coveting a SuperEgo.

PreSonus Artists BREAKERBOX Release New Single “Summertime”





BREAKERBOX opening for SEETHER at The Harbor, Buffalo, NY 7-12-12

Rock outfit Breakerbox (Christina DeNee and Scott Calandra) collaborated with producer Chris Baseford (Rob Zombie, Tommy Lee, John 5) on their brand new single “Summertime,” recorded at Tommy Lee’s Atrium Studios.  “Summertime”  is available on August 14 exclusively on and on iTunes August 28th.  Breakerbox  reveals a behind-the-scenes video chronicling the recording of the song today (August 10) on YouTube.  See “Summertime” video here.

“Breakerbox is a talented, hardworking band and being able to dive into the studio with Scott and Christina was an absolute pleasure,” said producer Chris Baseford. ” ‘Summertime’ is going to blow some minds.  We were able to create a heavy, aggressive yet melodic, hooky sound which a lot of people are going to dig!  Can’t wait to finish the rest of the new songs in the works.”

Summertime,” is a departure from their darker debut album These Are Strange Days and captures the feeling of driving around in the summertime with your crush and just having fun.  Don’t let them fool you…the Breakerbox signature sound of hard driving guitars, integral rock drumming , unique funk synth work and DeNee’s powerhouse vocals are all there to prove #RockisAlive!  Even Tommy Lee praised the song when he messaged the band from the Motley Crue Tour giving them his rock stamp of approval.

“We are in a totally different place, a different mindset than at the time we recorded These Are Strange Days — it was in the midst of a bad Buffalo winter and we felt like we were on a little dark island,” said Christina DeNee. ” ‘Summertime’ was recorded in the middle of a Southern California summer, it is uptempo and reflects how we feel’s a bigger, bolder rock sound and we weren’t afraid to take some chances.”

Adds Scott Calandra, “We have surrounded ourselves with great collaborators and players ,and with Chris, were able to take our music to a new place.  We truly are enjoying the fact we have found our sound and others get it and want to be a part of it.”

In addition to recording new material, the Buffalo, NY natives recently fronted a sold out show with  Seether  at the famed “Thursday at The Harbor,” concert where over 10,000 people were in attendance, the biggest turn out ever for an opening band in the history of the venue.  More dates coming soon.

Listen ::  Summertime
Listen :: These Are Strange Days
See :: Summertime Teaser Video
More Info :: Breakerbox.TV

Press Contact:  Lisa Vega / / 213.247.3075 /

No Canoes, Lots of Rock.

[This comes to us from Steve Freeman of Camp Jam.]

Camp Jam is the ultimate and only national rock music camp. The camp was created by renowned rock guitarist/songwriter Jeff Carlisi of .38 Special and his longtime business partner Danny Lipson. Held in 20 cities across the U.S. and Canada, Camp Jam offers a number of unique music programs for musicians of all skill levels, including a summer day camp for rockers age 11-17, one for pint-size rockers ages 7-10 and week-long overnight music camps in Chicago, Atlanta, Pittsburgh, San Francisco, New York, Dallas, Boston, San Diego, Seattle, DC and Denver areas for ages 12-17.

The camp has gained national prominence since launching in 2004. As an innovative summer camp, the Camp Jam program gives young musicians the chance to collaborate with their musical peers for the rock ‘n’ roll experience of a lifetime—from forming their own bands and playing a concert to hanging out with rock music legends and recording a CD. More importantly, Camp Jam offers them the opportunity to improve their performance skills, build confidence, and practice teamwork; all lessons that last long after their week at Camp jam is over.

As the national director, musician and instructor, it is important to me that Camp Jam has an educational element in addition to the overall band experience. In developing the curriculum we are always looking for ways make it better and more relevant to today’s musician. Audio software has drastically changed how we record music, so it was inevitable that Camp Jam would include recording as part of the curriculum at some time.

At NAMM 2010 I stopped by the PreSonus booth and was introduced to PreSonus and Studio One for the first time. I was really impressed with the software and contacted Brad Zell, their Marketing Communications Director, when I returned home. Brad offered to provide all our campers with a Studio One download code, so I began searching for the right person to write the curriculum and course outline to implement Studio One Professionsal into our 2011 schedule.

I was introduced to Darryl Swann, Macy Gray’s Grammy Award-winning producer, who picked up on the program idea and created a book for Camp Jam (available through the Camp Jam website) titled Killer Song Writing Producing and Recording. The book and course outline is easy reading with pictures and simple explanations.

For the 2012 curriculum, we put together pedal boards dontated by SKB that were crafted into complete studios in a box. Brad loaned Camp Jam several AudioBox 1818VSLs and Digimax D8’s for the project. These studios in a box were used in the recording class to record the original songs created by Camp Jam’s overnight campers.

This has been the best Camp Jam season yet, and we are very grateful to have a company like PreSonus interested in providing the tools we need to help develop these young rockers into seasoned musicians.

Camp Jam is offering readers of this blog $50 off registration for 2013. Just call 800 513-0930, code word PreSonus. This is a call-in only discount, so hit us up!


ProSound Network’s Rather Glowing Studio One 2 Review

ProSound Network recently took a detailed look at Studio One 2, and their review is quite flattering—and thorough! They really covered the Studio One bases here, detailing everything from Melodyne integration to Folder Tracks, and the latest reason to celebrate Studio One: Nimbit!

But of course they had nice things to say, or we wouldn’t be linking to it from our blog here. But my favorite bit of the entire review reads so:

“This easy to use, powerful, efficient DAW sounds amazing and provides everything you need to record, mix and master your music. If you don’t need surround or notation support, (and many of us don’t) there’s no reason not to give the free version a test drive and see if Studio One might be the right fit for you.”

Click here to read the entire review.

Swamp Grease Rebroadcast Today!

In case you missed it last time (or didn’t) we’re re-broadcasting our best Webinar ever today: Swamp Grease II!

Briana Tyson and Nimbit

[Briana Tyson graced us with a song or two during Summer NAMM…  completely impromptu! It turned out to be an exceptional opportunity to not only showcase Nimbit, but also be blown away by Briana’s performance! Briana’s take on the entire experience follows.]

It was my first time ever at summer NAMM. Walking around, seeing all the different booths filled with guitars, recording equipment, microphones, and everything else a musician could think of was getting me so excited I could hardly stand it. Not long after being amongst the amazingness, I came across a booth that instantly grabbed my attention. Now, I had heard of the company PreSonus before, but never had a chance to check out their equipment, and MAN was I impressed!

After being shown the incredible soundboards they had at their booth, I noticed the stage and the iPhones setup with QMix that they had attached to headphones out in front. I asked Rick Naqvi if they would let me perform and test out their live recording, and he was kind enough to let me do a couple songs!

While I performed, PreSonus demonstrated StudioLive Remote live mixing and I was blown away! The software they produce is so incredible, user friendly, and quick! I was in amazement at how simple it was to get a great live recording mixed and ready to post on your Nimbit account… Which leads to my next point.. The awesome world of Nimbit.

This site was brand new to me, but instantly upon getting the grand web tour, I was hooked. This site is basically everything an artist needs for music and merch sales all rolled into one! It’s so easy to set up an account, and post your songs and merchandising online. I have it linked up directly to my Facebook as well, which is INCREDIBLY convenient. All my fans can access my Nimbit store right on my Facebook page!

One thing with this site that stands out to me and sets it heads above the rest is the different promotional offers this site has built in. As an artist, you want to keep in contact with your fans via e-newsletter, to keep them updated with what’s going on; and as a consumer, it certainly is cool to get free stuff! So Nimbit has an option that allows anyone who signs up with their e-mail to get a free song download! It’s a really cool way to share my music, and to basically give my fans something back for supporting me. It’s fabulous.

All in all, I have had such a wonderful experience since I have been working with PreSonus and Nimbit. Any touring artist absolutely should NOT be without either of these fabulous musical amenities. Both PreSonus and Nimbit have bumped my music career up to the next notch, and have made promoting my music so much easier. So glad to have come across the PreSonus booth at NAMM.

PreSonus, Nimbit, y’all ROCK!

Dactah Chando, Jahcoustix, Guido, and the StudioLive 24.4.2

[Check it out! This just in from Guido of Dactah Chando and JahCoustix. He took the time to illustrate his complex stage plot and in-ear monitoring setup using the StudioLive 24.4.2! Guido plays keys and wrangles the monitor mixes for his bands.]

Hi PreSonus!

I just played on the biggest festivals this year in Germany and everybody looked at me because I have a PreSonus StudioLive… U can imagine if U play with a band on a festival stage in front of 100,000 people, the technicians are very very professional on stage… But, i prefer to work with my StudioLive 24.4.2… and they make big eyes because our soundcheck was done in 8 minutes! 🙂

I have a couple of different bands I use the StudioLive Mixers with:

Jahcoustix & Band
My Equipment list:
Presonus StudioLive 24.4.2
Korg Kronos 76
Korg M3 64
Korg R 3
Selfmade Buttkicker
Buttkicker Amp
6x Sennheiser In Ear Systems
2x Sennheiser wireless Vocal Mics
2x Sennheiser Vocal Mics
Compact Monitors In-ear monitors
I play keys and do the monitor mix for all musicians. 6x stereo in-ear monitors.
5x stereo with the 10 auxes and the Control Out is my in-ear way on faders. I have the possibility to hear under the solo button all different in-ear signals.
On Aux 11 I use a small Plate reverb (1.5 Sec)
On Aux 12 I use a long Hall revern (3.9 sec) for timbale.
Dactah Chando & Band
My Equipment List:
Presonus StudioLive 24.4.2
Oberheim MC1000
Korg M3 64
Korg R 3
Miditech 2 MIDI keyboard
Dell Inspiron 9100 laptop
Cubase 6 with a lot of synths and plugins… I use it for sequencing and sounds
RME Multiface
Emagic MIDI Interface 8 x 8
Selfmade Buttkicker
Buttkicker Amp
2x Sennheiser in-ear systems
I play keys and do the monitor mix for all musicians. 6x stereo in-ear monitors.
5x stereo with the 10 auxes and the Control Out is my in-ear way on faders. I have the possibility to hear under the solo button all different in-ear signals.
On Aux 11 I use a small Plate reverb (1.5 Sec)
On Aux 12 I use a long Hall reverb (3.9 sec) for timbale.
On Aux input I use a click and i mix it to all musicians. We play every tune on click!
My current project is an studio album with German hi-class pop and indie artists… We chose 14 number one hits, and I remixed it with my reggae style. Release Date is 17.08.2012. More soon!

Two New Studio One 2 Books Released!

Two highly respected music-industry publishing companies have released new books about Studio One!

Alfred Publishing was first up with its new volume, Teach Yourself Studio One Version 2.0, by David Terry. A followup on the company’s earlier book about Studio One 1.x, this book is focused on getting you started and also serves as a refresher for those with some knowledge of the program. The book includes a DVD with more than 75 minutes of instructional video. It won Music Inc. magazine’s “Best in Show” award at the 2012 Winter NAMM show. It lists for $19.95 and is available here.

For those who want a more in-depth book that includes the advanced features of Studio One Professional 2, Hal Leonard Books is offering Power Tools for Studio One 2, vol. 1, by Larry the O. The first in a two-volume set, the 320-page book includes a DVD-ROM packed with video and lists for $39.99. However, from now through September 15, 2012, U.S. customers can receive 35% off when ordering from — or call 1-800-637-2852. Enter promo code ONE2 at checkout.

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